May 02, 2022

How To Write Catchy Titles For Your Restaurant Social Media Posts?

These days, no business can grow and develop without an online presence. Online presence includes having an official website and also accounts on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and others. The task of social media profiles for a restaurant business is to retain and engage the regular followers and consumers, as well as attract new visitors and make them want to visit your place.

Basically, two components attract the attention of people on social media—high-quality visual content (images and videos) and catchy titles of the posts. These two factors are decisive whether a person will read your post or will scroll it down. Talking about the visual content, it has to be suitable to the topic of each post and surely custom-made by the best custom essay writing manager or designer.

The bright images or videos have to be supported with high-quality content that will be relevant and interesting for your followers. In this post, we collected the secrets that will help you make the title of your social media posts catchy and therefore attract new visitors to your restaurant.

Invite famous people like critics or celebrities

Adding the name of a famous singer, actress, or critic in the restaurant area will add countless reactions to your post on social media. However, it has to be the person whose audience knows about it very well and whose opinion is valuable to them. Of course, it would be better for your reputation to invite famous restaurant critics or chiefs from other popular restaurants to ask them to assess your menu and restaurant overall. It adds trust and credibility to your place as it is marked as good by the real professionals.

Surely, such a post will attract more attention not only from your followers but from people who haven't even heard of your restaurant, which makes this case an excellent way to get more new visitors. Due to the custom writing service Best Writers Online, we would recommend writing a quite provocative title with the name of a celebrity, not typing whether the results of your meeting are positive or not.

Announce the upcoming events

Surely, people come to the restaurant to get their favorite tasty dishes. However, modern restaurants hold various thematic events and parties to attract their regular visitors even more. To expand the audience who will know about your constant events, you definitely have to create posts to each of them on your social media profiles. For example, if you are going to arrange the thematic party for the Christmas celebration, you can type the title like this: “Put on the Christmas outfit and get a free cocktail” and then write down the details of this limited offer:

  • who can get a free drink
  • who will assess if the costume suits the party style
  • if there are any limitations and so on.

Another type of event restaurants usually hold is live music concerts. You can invite the local jazz band or singer to perform once or twice a week. Commonly, the entrance to such events is paid. So you can boldly arrange a contest among your followers on social media and present several free tickets under certain conditions of the competition.

Easy-to-do video recipes

We all love watching different short videos with tutorials on how to cook different dishes from favorite restaurants at home. Such videos need to be really short (under 1 minute), bright, and juicy, adding the real sounds of the products and cooking process. However, if the recipe is kind of complicated and requires much money and time, that will not probably engage your followers much.

 To make the post really catchy, we recommend filming and titling the recipes that are easy to do at home, meaning available for everyone who is watching this tutorial. For example, found in writing service reviews Writing Judge, let's take a closer look at homemade lasagna. This dish requires lots of different products, two different sauces, meat, pasta, cheese, and species. You can film the simple recipe of how to make lasagna at home quickly but deliciously. The title of such a post could be similar to this “Top 5 secrets to making your homemade lasagna perfect”. We would also like to share the link to the platform where you can look for the inspiration for your social media post titles in the future. There you can find numerous potentially good and catchy titles for your business social media profiles.

Ask the opinion of your followers

Social media is a great tool to monitor the reviews of your visitors and also ask them about the changes they would like to see at your restaurant. It is pivotal for restaurants to implement regular updates of the menu, events, celebrations, staff, locations, and so on. To know for sure that the upcoming changes are expected by your visitors, you can just ask them in your social media posts.

For example, if you are going to create a new seasonal menu for summer, you can hold a survey about what lemonade should you add—watermelon or pineapple, or what type of menu design they would love to see more. This approach makes your visitors feel valuable and respected, as you are listening to their desires and expectations. And also it helps to make the changes really needed and work for your restaurant, increasing the visitor retention rate.

Additionally, you can create an award for those followers whose selection of the lemonade or anything else on the menu will be surely added. It can be something like a month of free lemonades or a free dinner for these visitors at one of your restaurants.

Summing up

All in all, to make your social media posts catchy and interesting for your audience, their titles have to be short, bright, and promising. Do not talk about the main idea of your post in the title. Your task is to make your followers want to read your post to the end and find out the news you wanted them to know about your restaurant.

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