December 20, 2017 Paris France Europe

Allard: An Old Traditional French Knowhow Preserved
Non-smokers friendly
Authentic & Traditional


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 25/30

Architecture / Interior: 8/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10

Preserving old French traditions, André Allard is a restaurant people visit for a guaranteed culinary satisfaction. Since 1932, in the heart of St. Andre des Art, Paris’ famous street, Allard serves a handful choice of fabulous creations which made French cuisine famous. 


Allard remains one of the last authentic French gourmet bistros. Today still, the establishment is filled with the spirit of Marthe Allard, mother cook who founded the restaurant in 1932. Allard is above all the story of a peasant from the Burgundy region who traveled up to Paris carrying her sincere and generous family recipes.

Tradition remains very much a part of this authentic Parisian bistro. The kitchen strives to perpetuate a particular Bourgeois tradition tinted with conviviality. Honest and sincere dishes served in a deliciously old-fashioned atmosphere.

The menu is all about products, depending on what the season offers: Coddled eggs, wild mushrooms, garlic bread, Navarin-style lamb, tender carrot, Dominique Fabre bio Goat cheese...

A room on the left, another on the right and an open kitchen in the middle enchanting the restaurant with its sizzling noises. The chef, a lady, gives orders in a loud voice. Paintings from the last century, small tables, copper cake molds used as decorative items, wallpapers decorated with flowers, wooden chairs, and old-style tiles. I loved the red plates signed with the Allard logo.

In 1985, a page was turned; The Allard family sells the restaurant. Claude Layrac from Aveyron takes over the restaurant in 1995. For over 20 years, he perpetuates the Allard family spirit and the fundamentals of its cuisine, such as the Challans duck with olives, the shoulder of Limousin lamb or coq au vin.


On the menu, a restraint choice of items, of which the snails, pâté, eggs cocotte, foie gras and one salad. Main plates have a fish, scallops, rabbit, meat, and duck.

The restaurant, newly acquired by Alain Ducasse promises a Mouth-watering Experience. Lunch starts with a salad of fresh, crisp cucumbers marinated in lemon oil and lemon accompanied by a slice of fresh bread and a chunk of homemade butter.


Fine-dining quality in a bistro ambiance, simple plates yet loaded with flavors. Never had such a superb bacon, chunks of it pan-fried to perfection keeping it juicy and hearty. Not a fan of pâté, I loved the one I had cooked in an envelope of bread. Fine quality homemade foie gras with notes of simplicity and perfection combined.


The duck is probably the best duck I’ve ever had, a fine-dining standard, gourmet duck cooked with unique green olives and celery purée. It’s a unique duck, tender meat that explodes with flavors, a long-lasting experience lasts in the mouth... bravo chef! Duck with purée, the sauce and green olives? The chef has created the match of dreams. 


Exactly as the menu states it, it’s not a culinary discovery, it’s like reading in a history book. Rediscover and meat with old traditions.

Great food and exceptional desserts, a Mont Blanc served in a glass, profiterole with a side of chocolate sauce and a cake with local organic rum. I’m shocked to see bad reviews on google maps! This restaurant deserves much more than the 3,9/5 grade.


Un poème, une poésie... a love story! 

Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional





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