November 17, 2015 New York USA Americas

Bubby's Diner: The Real American Deal
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +1-212-219-0666

Address: 120 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013, United States ( 08AM - 10PM)


Price Range: 25-70 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 8/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 9/10

Bubby's New York: An Exceptional Blueberry Cheesecake!

As you come closer you'll get that homey backyard feel to the Bubby's Diner. You'll find a cow statuesque which seems to be grazing, some colorful and wooden benches, a big board and a lot of greenery decorate its facades. welcome to Bubby's the American diner which was previously a pie factory. 


Sometimes you tend to follow people's recommendations, forgetting that there are many hidden gems that are worth visiting. Bubby's is one of those places that left me amazed and that I'll surely recommend. 

Located in Tribeca, Bubby's has a selection of specialty BBQ, burgers, ribs and dry aged meat.

The bar occupies the entrance before moving to the main dining area. A cosy space with high ceiling, decorated with paintings on the right sided brick wall, while a row of wooden tables follow a long green bench. The middle space has some large tables for five people.


We're surely eating ribs!

Beautiful wooden tables, a fork and knife set on the table, a tablecloth and jars used as cups, the menu is printed in a long rectangular recycled paper, offering starters, salads and soups, main courses, burgers, Bubby's BBQ, shared platters and desserts. 

The concept, which we discovered while ordering, is that everything they serve is made in-house. No commercial beverages, but locally brewed beer, freshly made cocktails, wine and coffee.

A welcoming service, soothing music while we waited to be served, and I was excited and confident that we'd be enjoying ourselves. 

Their beers are amazing. Bubbly, rich aromas, long lasting flavors, roasted and smoky with light notes of red fruits. They do very special beers that made my day. I've rarely enjoyed craft beer that much. Even the water is sparkled in-house.

PS: The music is way too loud for a diner.


It was dinner at 6pm:

  • Yummy nachos: Crunchy chips mixed and topped with cheddar, black beans, queso anejo, guacamole and salsa roja. Thin, almost transparent nachos mixed with radishes, beans and crunchy bits of vegetables, lettuce, juiciness and flavor. They're awesome, indeed. Despite the overdose of onions in the guacamole, this plate is a must order.
  • The mac and cheese is exactly like our version of "nouille", but without the chicken. Tender pasta, cream and cheese with bacon bits. A generous portion which fits for sharing as a starter. Everything started amazingly well, great food, good service... I'm not sure why it had a 3.5/5 on Yelp.
  • Now for the main deal:
  • After eating like an animal it was time to tell you the truth. The truth about delicious food, fatty and fried, the real American deal and really amazing. I forgot about my manners and ate like a monster.
  • The fried chicken was so good. A crispy envelope and a moist, tender heart served with jam.
  • The chorizo sausages, brisket and pulled pork are breathtaking.
  • The burger is like nothing I've had before. Pulled meat and ginger. Tender bun, sauces and flavors. The bun melts in style and a full bodied meat that feels like a pulled pork.
  • Crispy, crunchy, tender unpeeled fries. 
  • Superb high-end coleslaw.
  • But the ribs, despite their tender meat, were far from what I expected. I wanted more sauce and a meat that was ten times more tender.


The food is awesome! The ambiance as well, and the beer excellent. I couldn't but order dessert.

  • The carrot cake! Oh my God! A thick cake intensively filled with carrot flavors, topped with cream and made of some juicy layers of carrot infused cake. That's madness.
  • The cherry tart! Oh sweet Lord! Thin, flaky puff pastry with cherry sauce that's lightly sweet and full of emotions. It's simply awesome!
  • Ginger ice cream, vanilla and chocolate: Too creamy and too sweet. Not something you'll want to order here. Stick to the tarts and cakes. 


What a night. I was so happy and remained thinking about it for the days to come.





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