October 01, 2023

How Your Restaurant Can Make Delicious Veggie Burgers

If you own a vegan restaurant and are struggling to produce delicious veggie burgers, we can help you improve the creation and serving process.

Many vegans start restaurants to serve and expand their community. While they try to hire great chefs, some restaurants still struggle to produce good vegan staples like veggie burgers. We have some tips for how your restaurant can make delicious veggie burgers.

Roast the Burger Base

The first step of making a veggie burger is to choose your base ingredients and roast them. Many people use mushrooms and black beans, along with other veggies, as the base of their veggie burgers. Roasting these base ingredients removes excess moisture that can ruin your patty and adds flavor. Season your ingredients with oil and spices when you roast them.

Use a Meat Grinder To Grind the Roasted Burger Base

After roasting your veggies, many chefs throw them in a food processor to turn the veggies into a patty. We suggest using a meat grinder instead because it will grind the veggies into small, uniform pieces for the perfect patty every time. Although meat is in the name, there are many vegan and vegetarian ways to make use of a meat grinder.

Add a Binder As You Form the Patty

One complaint that many people, even avid vegans, have about veggie burgers is that they fall apart. Your veggie burger needs a binder. Traditional burger binders are eggs, but you can make a vegan replacement with a flaxseed-water combination. Alternatively, you can use cooked rice or breadcrumbs. If you’re worried about egg washes on store-bought breadcrumbs, you can use a meat grinder to make your own.

Serve With Sauce for Better Flavor

Another complaint about veggie burgers is that they’re dry. After all, we removed a lot of moisture during the roasting process. Our favorite solution is sauce. You can buy vegan sauces to serve with your burger or make your own. Making a signature sauce to pair with different veggie burgers is a great way to take your vegan restaurant to the next level.

Your restaurant can make delicious veggie burgers with these easy tips. Experiment with different veggie mixes, binders, and sauces to create the perfect combination for your customers.

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