June 20, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

I Just Had The Most Expensive Hot Chocolate in Beirut!

Waiting at the Beirut airport impatiently for my best friend to arrive... I sat down at the CafeMatik. This cafe seems to believe that since it is located at the airport, they are outside the country, maybe in the South of France... meaning that all prices are tripled if not quad-rippled. Why is that?


I needed to sit down and wait since the plane was delayed. Let's have a hot-chocolate while waiting. A 7000LL hot chocolate, in a small cup, that half empty (yet full in foam) and the worst part is that its lukewarm. It is called HOT chocolate. Am I exaggerating? Or do I have the right to be shocked? I mean, I understand the cafe is nice, looks modern and clean and they use biodegradable products and so on - but am I paying for this or the damn cup of hot chocolate?


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