September 18, 2016 Rome Italy Europe

Casa Alitalia Business Lounge Terminal G, Rome Italy

Traveling through Rome this morning, I surely wasn't expecting to visit a space as clean and beautiful as this one. Alitalia's new lounge left me speechless... Check what it was and what it has become!


A trip always starts at the airport. The lounge is an important stop for me, where the feeling of being welcomed and pampered have become an important ritual while travelling. An elegant yet comfortable and familiar design welcomes you in Roma Gate G. The lounge is classy, and looks like a luxurious hotel lobby. I was personally amazed.


Let's have a look at the details: A grand space with a residential feel employing clean Italian marble finishes, Italian designer furniture and ornate entrance doors. Walls covered with patches of leather, sofas from different colors, dining tables, individual seating and designers lamps each equipped with a fast charging USB port. 800 square meters divided into four distinct areas each having its own large television installed behind reflective black glass. Books, lots of them, magazines, a show bar, alcohol and champagne flowing, and the food display.

Even the selection and quality of the food is different, cold cuts and eggs, fruits and yogurt as well as fresh juices, a dedicated and welcoming staff, cleaning and adjusting a-la-minute.

The catering service is inspired by the gastronomic excellence of Italy and boasts a live cooking area where the Chef cooks live a selection of menus based on pasta and pizza. 

Fresh and fluffy bread, tender and airy muffins, excellent quality ham, fresh green apple juice, Ferrari sparkling and much more... I couldn't stop eating and enjoying the moment.

I didn't expect such a clear improvement from Alitalia. The design is bold, certainly Italian and blends well with the current brand ethos found running through the new cabins, uniforms and advertising campaigns. Black leather chairs, red head rests, new blankets and a more welcoming staff... I'll be keeping an eye on the brand.





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