September 28, 2013

I Know What You're Doing Tonight, Or Let's Say at Sunrise...

It's funny how we tend to convince ourselves that somehow, miraculously, calories don't count at 4am. If you're wondering what I am talking about...


Here we go... Lebanon carries a few habits that everyone enjoys from time to time... One such habit is eating your after heart out after clubbing. There's something about indulging into something yummy after a long night out partying with friends... Knefe_NGNO

Some of us crave a mankoushe and head down to Zaatar w Zeit, sit and order everything on the menu, while others stand near Afran Watanaye on Bliss Street to enjoy a cocktail of lahem baajine and cheese, for example and some, crave a heavy knefe with extra sugar syrup in a kaak at 4am. Oh my God, how good is that bite... Tell us where you go and eat after clubbing tonight? What are your favourite spots?

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Categories: Street Food


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