October 19, 2017 USA Americas

Impossible Burger: The Future of Meat

I was excited to try the impossible burger; yes, the impossible burger, a burger that feels, looks and tastes like meat but isn’t. This burger helps the planet and costs ten times less. It uses 95% less land, 87% less CO2 emissions and 74% less water. The world is moving to impossible foods to satisfy the huge demand of the century. “These guys are trying to do to meat what Tesla did to cars.” A burger made entirely from plants for people who love meat. No more compromises! 


On their website you can read: “REINVENTING THE BURGER FROM THE GROUND UP; We spent the past five years researching what makes meat unique: the sizzle, the smell, the juicy first bite. Then we set out to find precisely the right ingredients from the plant kingdom to recreate the experience meat lovers crave. You’ve never tasted plants like this.”


The impossible burger: let me introduce you to a very good looking burger that has two fluffy buns and a thick patty looking exactly like a real angus beef cooked medium. Cut it in half and feel your knife cut into the texture of real meat. Look at its heart and let your senses guide you while your mouth starts watering... I had the first bite! It’s really like a real burger, better than hundreds I’ve had, a meat burger like any other your brain expects to taste. Don’t imagine a gourmet sensation with fat dripping on your lips in fact it feels healthier, cleaner and richer in flavors. All of the above is the impossible burger, something looking like a beef burger and tasting like one without using not a single item from cows.


If you have the chance to try it, please do so!





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