May 27, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Indie: A Club-Lounge Serving Good Food

Indie is the club everyone's talking about, over on the first floor of "White's" building. Previously "Mad", the place has been transformed completely into a beautifully designed space of wood, earth materials and metal, all inspiring authenticity and freshness.


I never expected to come here for a review or even to eat good food at a club. Places like that usually serve average food that matches your drinking and that lacks finesse and flavors.

The first time I came here was a private party for an organization where some tasty bites were offered. Japanese bites, fried tempura and salads. I said to myself, it might be chance or coincidence. But after visiting a second time and enjoying good creations, I decided to share with you the culinary experience. It won't be a detailed review, but more of an overview of some of the things I've tried at Indie.

On the first event, spring rolls were on the menu as well as a tuna salad, triangular fried samosas, fresh crab bites and mini burgers. The event hosted over a hundred guests who enjoyed some good food combined with flavorful drinks. The burger is as good as it should be, generously filled and tender. The rolls are extremely crunchy and most importandly not oily. The crab bites are simply to die for.


At the second event organized by Diageo, some quick bites were offered. French fries so fresh and so crunchy I couldn't stop from finishing the bowl. They have a pizza on a toast that looks like a Bruscetta, a pizza using fresh mozzarella buffalo combined with sliced eggplanta and a sour tomato sauce. The bread is toasted to perfection, offering a real crunch while the ingredients add the flavor this creation needs to satisfy. I went for the hotdogs afterwards: Amazing! Hotdog in a brioche bun that's soft and tender with a light sweetness. As for the mini burgers, they're not fine dining bites but are good enough. I loved the strong mustard taste and the tomato sauce served hot as well as the meat. I'd make the bun less bready, maybe thinner so the inner ingredients are felt more.


Two visits already and I can tell you that the food is good. Indie also has one of the country's best bartenders guaranteeing tasty drinks.

I'm not sure about the partying scene here as I have not experienced it yet, but if food is your concern, I personally liked it.

Indie, Beirut





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