November 14, 2020

Scandinavian Food: 10 Best Scandinavian Dishes to Try

Scandinavian food is unique, combining a culture of different people from the Nordic nations to bring out a special tasty delicacy that will keep you ordering for more. 

From the mouthwatering fruktsoppa appetizer to the stomach filling aggost dessert, you can never lack something to enjoy from the Scandinavian menu. The food is mostly a combination of natural ingredients to ensure you are eating healthy while traveling

Stekt Fisk 

Scandinavia is a major fishing ground for fish species like salmon, perch, arctic char, and trout. This is one main reason why you are not likely to miss fish in the Scandinavian dishes menu. 

As per a food essay on BrillAssignment, Stekt Fisk, is a traditional Scandinavian delicacy made from seasoned fish fillets mixed with flour and butter and drizzled with braising sauce before serving. To add taste to your mouth and a healthy feeling, the dish is paired with peas or carrots in cream and some boiled potatoes. 

Stekt Fisk when translated, means fried fish, and that’s why it has gained popularity in many Scandinavian restaurants and is a known recipe in many homes. 


Traditionally, Pinnekjott is served during Christmas and is a preferred delicacy in northern Norway. Its preparations bring together ingredients like smoked or dried mutton or lamb ribs, which is then sliced and cooked. 

Custom papers mention that the Norwegians rationally followed a style of preparation where the ribs were tied on branches and would be steamed to dry out all water in the meat to make it soft and tender. In your Scandinavian restaurant, the chef prepares the flavor-packed ribs preserved using the old traditional methods to retain a tender texture.

Your Pinnekjott delicacy is served with potatoes that can be mashed or boiled, well-seasoned in Sweden turnip, and a mix of salads for your enjoyment and health. 


If you are a buffet lover, the delicious Julskinka could be one of your preferred choices. The favored Swedish holiday delicacy is moist and mostly tender and coated with egg yolk and mustard and made tastier with breadcrumb topping before placing it in the oven to slowly cook.

Food bloggers on professional writing services throw more light on this. As per them, traditionally, the dish is prepared using non-smoked salt-cured ham, though your chef has the choice of making his work easy by buying one that is precooked from a supermarket. The Julskinka delicacy is served warm or cold and accompanied by mustard or pickles made from smorgasgurka. 

The reviewers on a leading term paper writing service mention that Julskinka is a favorite dish in most Scandinavian restaurants and it gives you unforgettable memories, especially when eaten in the company of friends. 

Lo mein

Lo Mein is a favorite dish for vegetarians because it combines healthy ingredients and ease of preparation. The mouthwatering delicacy is prepared using a mix of vegetables, among them carrots, peas, fresh mushrooms, and ripe tomatoes. 

Food essay writers on explain that the ingredients are chopped into long thin pieces and then mixed before slowly frying them in minimum heat to preserve nutrients. Pepper is used to spicing up the dish making it delicious and is usually served hot on the same pan that was used for cooking to fill your senses with a sweet smell.

Lo Mein is served with carefully prepared soy sauce, noodles, or vegetables. The meal was originally prepared using ordinary white egg noodles. 

Det Kolde Bord

Det Kolde Bord IS famous in Denmark but in Sweden, the meal is called Smorgasbord, an indication of its fame throughout the Scandinavian region. It is a mix of several small servings that keep on being served at your table in sequence. 

Culture and travel writer on assignment help state that the servings are pioneered by fish followed by small cold servings of meat and climaxed by a combination of several warm servings with cheese as an indication of the end of servings. 

The Swedish serve it as appetizer delicacies while the Danish serve it from the appetizer stage to the main meal and finalizing it in the dessert level. 

Det Kolde Bord’s combination of dished can include servings of herring served with apple salad, rice, crumbled bread, meatballs, and salmon.


Gravlax is a traditional Nordic food that is a favorite of seafood lovers. The dish is prepared using salmon procured in sugar and salt. Traditionally, salmon would be cured by burying it in the sand to ferment, a process that was tedious and time-consuming.

Today, salmon is cured within a day using factory ingredients. Once the fish is cured, it is cut into fillets and left to drain out all water. It is then fried and served with fennel seeds, corn, coriander, or dill to taste. Gravlax is a favorite dish for many clients who visit Scandinavian restaurants and can also be prepared from home. 


Meatballs are a delicacy across all the Scandinavian nations and are prepared differently in each community. The delicious carnivore favorite is prepared using balls of pork mixed with beef and left to settle a few hours. The delicacy is then prepared using the best local oils and fried at moderate heat on a hardpan. 

Once ready, the dish is served hot accompanied by mashed potato mixed with butter and may go well served with lingo berries on the side and a bowl of soup to make the experience even better. The meatballs can be rolled into various shapes and sizes to make a more appealing look for the eye. The shapes could be round, square, wavy according to the creativity of the cook. 


Husmanskost means to saturate and is generally used to indicate the quality or house owner’s fair food. The traditional delicacy is a staple food for most Nordics, especially in Sweden, and has gained detailed preparation art because it has been consumed for many years. Its ingredients include fried meat, boiled potatoes, and a brown sauce. 

It can also be prepared using different ingredients such as pork, fish, cereals and served with a mix of potatoes, skimmed vegetables, berries, onions, among others. It gains a different name once the ingredients change.

Husmanskost, when prepared using pea soup, is called artsoppa and when carrots and meatballs are used, it’s called kottbullar. Husmanskost is an evolving delicacy that has taken many forms of preparation and ingredients from traditional times to date. 

Mushroom Veloute

Veloute is a richly flavored mushroom soup that displays a velvet color texture, hence the name Veloute. It is prepared and combined with whipped tofu fried in butter and mixed with flour and served in a bowl when hot. 

It is a traditional food that the Scandinavians have consumed for centuries and continue to be enjoyed in many homes and eateries. 


Risengrod is a traditional rice porridge that was enjoyed by families and at times offered to Nisse, the household spirit. It is served with a company of almonds to make it nutrient-rich. Brides were known to consume the porridge on their wedding eve. It is prepared using floor mixed with short-grain rice, butter, milk, and sugar to taste.


The Scandinavian delicacies are amazing and the recipe list offers thousands of different tastes in both the traditional and the modern recipes. The menu offers dishes ranging from aquatics, which include all kinds of fish recipes to the grazing herbivorous which fill the table with sweet-smelling meat recipes, and the garden which takes care of the vegetarian and provides healthy vitamins and starchy recipes to try out. 


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