November 05, 2020

10 Clever Tips to Eat Healthy When Traveling

Traveling is one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences someone could have. You get to meet new cultures and people, taste the local dishes and explore the mountains. When traveling, it seems like the time stands still and you soak in all the beauty the place you visit offers you.  

However, being on a diet while traveling comes with challenges. As the cuisine is traditional to the country's habits and way of living, you might find it difficult to eat healthily. Traveling is about adaptation too and eating healthy while traveling might be the next challenge you can overcome. Here are 10 clever tips to eat healthy when traveling. 

1. Eat at Local Restaurants 

Local restaurants might not look as fancy and attractive as international ones, but they might use healthier ingredients. Locals, no matter which country you choose to visit, are closer to nature and health, and they usually use bio ingredients. And you also get the chance to taste the local dishes and explore a new world of spices and tastes.  

Locals know how to grow their own vegetables and fruits without using pesticides, so the ingredients they use have a high quality. Perfect for eating healthy, says Samantha Jones, a daily contributor on nutrition topics at twiftnews

2. A Treat a Day 

One of the biggest pleasures derived from traveling is that you get to taste new interesting things. However, when wanting to eat healthily, you need to impose a limit. At the same time, traveling should be about positive emotions, and limiting yourself from tasting the local cuisine can foster negative emotions. So, a treat a day might work and offer you the incentive you need. You maintain your eating habits while also indulging in a little treat. 

3. Avoid the Mini-Bar 

We all know that the mini-bars hotels have added in rooms are full of shiny, crunchy, and sweet things to eat. The best thing you can do is avoid taking things from the mini-bar. Firstly, because it will help you eat healthily as in the mini-bar you will find only munchies. Secondly, because like this you protect not only your health but your bank account too. The things you find in mini-bars are usually overpriced. 

4. Fresh Fruits 

Fruits are great sources of vitamins, fibers, and energy. And choosing to replace chocolate or other sweets with fresh fruits will allow you to eat healthy when traveling. Some fruits do not spoil so quickly, such as bananas or apples. 

5. Eat When You’re Hungry 

One of the things that might prevent you from following your diet when traveling is all those new things you could taste. It seems that when traveling, new dishes, tastes, and cuisines make people more drawn to them. And like this, you might easily forget about eating healthy. 

Because you walk through the city and see so many tasty things you could buy, you might easily be tempted to do it. But eating healthy is about eating when you're hungry, which is a clever tip to follow. 

6. Drink Enough Water

Water is very important for making sure your body is healthy. At the same time, water helps your body flush out toxins, so in case you might have digestive problems, water can help you. When traveling, it’s important to not forget about drinking enough water. Some people get lost in exploring the city, spend a lot of time in the sun, and get dehydrated. And this will likely affect their trip.  

7. Vegetable Based Foods 

Every country has its traditional cuisine and favorite dishes. However, to make sure you eat healthy when traveling, you could choose vegetable-based foods when eating out. Veggies have a lot of vitamins and antioxidants and are also an important fiber source. 

8. Avoid Fast Foods 

It may seem we all yearn for some fast foods from time to time and people choose to eat fast food when they are traveling. Some days, it may feel more comfortable and easier to order a menu at McDonald’s, but fried food has negative effects on your stomach. They might lead to indigestion and they are not healthy at all, so better avoid them.  

9. Choose Soups 

As the French might say, soups have a healing effect. Depending on the local cuisine, if you have indigestion or you simply want to eat healthy, choosing soups is a clever tip you should put to practice. Every country has traditional soups and the ingredients that are at their basis are mostly combinations of vegetables and meat. So, you can try amazing local meals and eat healthy at the same time.  

10. Drink Teas 

People from all over the world drank tea for thousands of years. And teas have magical properties. They can boost your immune system, protect yourself from cancer and heart disease, fight inflammation, and many more. Teas might seem basic but choosing them over coffee or other beverage will give you extra points for healthiness. White tea is known to have the highest concentration of antioxidants, being followed by jasmine, green, and black tea. 


Traveling is such a nice experience everyone is looking for. You come to discover new places, cuisines, and people. And if you want to eat healthy when traveling, these 10 clever tips will help you make sure you do it. Avoid fast foods and mini-bar munchies and focus on choosing healthier alternatives, such as soups, fresh fruits, and teas. 


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