March 30, 2018

Joelle’s Dream Maamouls; Delicious and Light

Take a maamoul, close your eyes and lay it on your tongue... feel its sandy envelop and prepare yourself to press it up your palate. The maamoul crumbles gently in a million piece, exploding its flavors and beautiful textures. Joelle has managed to create a maamoul that’s not sweet, not buttery and not fatty, yet smooth and unique.


To tell you the truth, I’ve tasted these maamoul ten days after production and they’re still as fresh as if they were produced the same morning. 

I can’t stand maamoul that are sweet and these are close to perfect. I can’t eat maamoul that are hard textured like dry biscuits and these are smooth like sand. No crunch, no hardness but simply soft like silk.

Reinventing the maamoul with a touch of finesse and style, Joelle nailed it! I have a favorite maamoul; they’re baked by Joelle.


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