May 19, 2016 Peru Americas

La Baguette Lima: Tasting Traditional Peruvian Desserts
Sweet Tooth

Located just a few meters from the NM hotel is a cafe called La Baguette. La Baguette is a cafe with an endless choice of indulgences... You will find display fridges where dozens of cakes and mouthwatering preparations are attractively placed... They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a variety of ice creams, desserts and fruit cocktails. The leaflet menu proposes an endless choice of specialities.


Spread on two floors, the place is always full. Drinks, breakfast, sandwiches, fruits, cold cuts, starters, tapas, salads, plates, pasta, desserts and ice cream.

After having several lunches today I stopped for a local dessert. I heard that the "Tres Leches" and "chocolate pie" are a mus tryt.

The Tre Leche is an extremely sweet cake. A sponge cake soaked in milk, topped with cream and decorated with caramel. The composition is three kinds of milk, hence the name, served in an aluminum cup. This cake is smooth but as I said before, it is too sweet.

The chocolate cake looks mouthwatering. A triangular chocolate cake topped with walnuts and chocolate sauce. Several layers of juicy chocolate cake and the fudge sauce that adds an intense sweetness.



It is good but there's a commercial taste to it that's do sweet tickling your throat.

It seems they like it very sweet around here.

Now I can say that I've tried Peruvian local desserts.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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