November 13, 2017 Paris France Europe

Pierre Hermé Paris: Because Macaron Making is a Fine Art
Sweet Tooth

When you savor something exceptionally tasty, when a sweet bite costs 2€, when it melts in the tongue and activates all your senses in a fraction of a second... you know it’s a Pierre Hermé! Every macaron is unique, every macaron is a journey! Lay it on your tongue, press it up to your palate and let yourself go... it’s much more than food, much more than a dessert, it’s pure pleasure!


Every time I visit Paris Pierre Hermé for the macarons and Pierre Marcolini for the chocolates are important stop-offs. Both Pierres, masters of desserts, create things that are out of this world.


The collection at Pierre Hermé:

  • Mogador
  • Ispahan
  • Jardin enchante
  • Infiniment pistache
  • Infiniment chocolat paineiras
  • Infiniment vanille de madagascar
  • Infiniment praline noisette
  • Infiniment rose
  • Infiniment caramel
  • Infiniment chocolat belize
  • Caviar Petrossian
  • Truffe blanche et noisette
  • Datte et the earl grey
  • Chocolat et foie gras
  • Infiniment marron glace
  • Framboise et pain d'epices
  • Infiniment citron noir
  • Infiniment mandarine

You’ve surely had macarons before but have you ever screamed with pleasure from them? One bite then another, a cocktail of flavors balanced beautifully as they appear one after the other, making the journey last. I adore everything he does and recommend you put it on your to do list!

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