June 06, 2014

Kebbe Bel Sayniyye with White Cheese Stuffing: "Lebanese Italian Kebbe"

I was taking a break from work the other day, and watching my Basil plant on the balcony. Suddenly I remembered a friend’s post few days earlier (Aline Bourgi), where she pictured her Kebbe Bel Sayniyye with white cheese stuffing. Eurêka!

Kebbe bel sanniye

I was going to create a new dish, with our famous Kebbe. The result went beyond my expectations, and now I have a new dish to offer my family : “Lebanese Italian Kebbe”. I started with the base of kebbe: Onions, pepper, Marjoram (generous), my dried Mint from the garden, salt, and fine white Borghol (not too much). All went with 2 ice cubes and the ground meat into the blender. Then started the fun part, the filling! White cheese, I chose light Double crème (but I guess any not too salty white cheese is a good choice), Basil leaves chopped big, cherry tomatoes cut in half, black olives, and chopped sundried tomatoes, all sprinkled with a little salt and marjoram. I made 3 pieces of “Kebbe 2rass” shapes, stuffed with the filling, and one big Kebbe Sayniyyeh. Brushed the surface with little vegetable oil.

Italian lebanese kebbe

The result? The whole family enjoyed it! It wasn’t a Kebbe anymore, yet, not a known dish too. Heaven to taste! Crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside, with cherry tomatoes making sure it stays warm when we take a bite.


Now that my lateral thinking is open, I will try Mozzarella and eggplant with pesto filling…why not? Possibilities are limitless! Try it, and take our famous and popular kebbe to your new level too! Cheers.

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