February 16, 2015

Kids in Action: New Generation Project in Collaboration with Arc En Ciel

The main goal is to give children an active role in changing the situation of the country to the best. Since adults were unable to be role models in managing the country’s affairs, our children live like loners, unaware of the meaning of belonging to a larger community, which forms the basis of civic sense. It is high time that we enable our children to take their country’s affairs into their own hands in order to prove that they are able to produce change.


The new generation project aims to help children learn their civic duties toward their country and do their best to make real and positive change.

Last year, children carried out four different projects in four areas of Lebanon:

  • Bekaa: Preparing recycling containers, which were distributed to the majority of the region's schools to promote recycling.
  • Beirut: Drawing a bicycle line along the Corniche to promote cycling.
  • South: Since many villages in the south lack means of public transport, children bought a bus with the help of PICON and set up bus stops in different villages, in order to facilitate mobility in the region.
  • North: Due to the lack of public spaces, children established a green garden for leisure and play throughout the year.

Stay tuned for this year's events

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