July 01, 2020

KOL W TA3ME: Helping Lebanon with the Support of California Garden & the Lebanese Diaspora

KOL W TA3ME: Helping Lebanon with the Support of California Garden & the Lebanese Diaspora.

With the support of the Lebanese diaspora around the world, generous donations from proud Lebanese ex-pats, and "California Garden" (www.californiagarden.com) products, (KOL W TA3ME) initiative was created to bring help for Lebanon.

"Kol w Ta3me" initiative aims to support local businesses, small restaurants, home artisans & hard workers while feeding people in need. Supporting and boosting the economy, one small amount at a time.

During this summer season, we will be visiting small businesses, supporting them with a generous amount of money which they will use to prepare food for people in need. After that, the goods will be carefully distributed for local NGOs, associations, and families around Lebanon. From Saida to Tripoli, from Antelias to the Bekaa valley, we will try to cover the entire territory.

Supported by a generous donation from Fouad El Abd (California Garden) and many Lebanese residing outside Lebanon, NoGarlicNoOnions aims to distribute thousands of food portions before the end of summer.

You can join the initiative that aims to help and feed Lebanon by transferring your donations to PayPal: ([email protected]) or Western Union in my name (Anthony Rahayel).

Together we can...

KOL W TA3ME initiative launched on May 20th with Abou Chady.

Meet Hanna Elia the fisherman; "I felt twenty years younger on this beautiful day, you made me see life differently, you made me want to live again".

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