April 26, 2014

Meat The Fish: Fresh Salmon Delivered to Your Doorstep
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Chances are that if you’ve eaten out in Lebanon, you’ll have tried Meat The Fish’s products without knowing it. Now you can have your favorite salmon cuts as well as premium meat delivered to your doorstep whenever you desire.

I've been following Meat The Fish for sometime now, attending some of their cooking events and private gatherings they organize once a month. I was one of the lucky few to enjoy Chef Rim Azoury's fantastic meals, and now was time to order some cuts to try at home. Meat the Fish delivers signature smoked fish, fresh seafood and Australian prime cut meat, straight to your home. Inspired by Royal Gourmet, supplier to Beirut's leading hotels and restaurants, Meat the Fish, offers a home delivery service for food lovers and those of us who like to cook at home. Each item on the menu has been carefully selected to both satisfy your appetite and stimulate your palate while providing you with a healthy and balanced diet.

Meat the Fish offers exceptional products: Fresh seafood from the English Channel, the signature line of smoked Lebanese fish, and Australian prime cut meat. The bell rang. I opened the door and a man stood there, holding a paper wrapped package sealed with a blue sticker with the Meat The Fish logo printed on it. I couldn't but open the package immediately and discover its content. Three individually packed cuts of salmon, smoked, salmonfilet and salmonsashimi. That night, along a short glass of vodka on the rocks, I took my time to enjoy those fine pieces of luxurious fish. It all starts when you open the package and are welcomed by a fresh aroma of salmon, which was clearly never freezer stored. A fresh salmon, straight from Scotland, smoked in Lebanon and delivered at a temperature of 3 to 4 degrees Celsius with a pack of ice. Delightful. Fine cuts of intense orange, shining from their natural oil content and waiting to be served and devoured, I could hardly wait. The fish was majestically posed on a wooden board, a cutting knife, a fork and here we were ready for the tasting.
  • The Salmon Filet: I cut it into thick slices, it was so smooth, so tender and cutting in style. An intense rich flavor erupting from every bite of this pure fish. This half smoked salmon is of the highest quality, nicely hand sliced and enjoyed. The fish was perfect and didn’t tear apart like many other salmon do. A clean and clear texture and a subtle cut while your teeth plunge into this fine delicacy.
  • The Sashimi: This cut had real salmon taste, as sashimi should, with its light feel, fattier finish and intense flavor that will literally make you moan from joy. After this you’ll be surprised by the premium quality of the fish, which few Japanese restaurants in town provide. Put one piece in your mouth and feel it melting smoothly in style and finesse.
  • Smoked Salmon: Its subtle smokiness aroma and tender feel are fantastic. It melts, doesn't crunch, while its natural oil content makes every bite slide from one side to the other so all your taste buds are activated. A fine color, a good texture and to end the experience, a hint of saltiness that stays around for sometime.
We should be proud of our local products. Today a couple of companies produce a top quality salmon imported directly from Europe and carefully smoked in Lebanon. Those producers are really raising the bar and can compete with the best of European producers. Handled with care and dedication, cut and salted by hand, every bite hides a lot of hard work.
Next time you need some fine salmon, you can have it delivered to your home, freshness guaranteed.
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