June 12, 2020

Kol w Ta3me Initiative: Sawani Falfoul Cooking for Bassma

Down in Badaro, “Sawani” goes for trays and “Falfoul” for Foul, Fatteh, and Falafel. Sit on the sidewalk, enjoy your time, live Beirut and leave with a smile on your face. It’s like any restaurant, a home away from home, non-pretentious, happy and fresh. Arrive at a place loaded with positive vibes, on a Saturday morning, in the heart of Beirut, relax on the sidewalk, a wooden table, porcelain plates... I really loved it here! At Sawani Falfoul, prepare to be transported: travel back in time to the flavors of ancient Lebanon, to when my grandma used to cook for me in her old house.

BASSMA's mission is to empower the most disadvantaged populations through the:

1- Rehabilitation of destitute families through:

  • Fighting hunger
  • Strengthening education
  • Providing proper healthcare services
  • Building decent housing
  • Expanding employment opportunities
  • Developing families' marketable skills and leveraging their capabilities
  • Creating safe environment for all family members
  • Improving living standards
  • Promoting Self-responsibility and Independence
  • Social Assistance for the Elderly
  • Protecting and saving abused women and children

2- Social Assistance and accompaniment of elderly.

3- Protection and Social Reintegration of abused children, women and elderly.

4- Poverty Awareness among youth, local communities and different stakeholders on socio-economic issues and their repercussions on society, through Civic Engagement and Community Service projects.

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