November 11, 2017

Koullouna: A Box of Goodness Delivered to Your Doorstep

A box of goodness made in Lebanon delivered to your doorstep wherever you are while supporting the local ecosystem.

Koullouna is a unique subscription box that aims to connect Lebanese expats to their homeland. It’s also a way to contribute to the country’s development from afar: the box will feature a mix of local products and most importantly, every month, it will support a different initiative that has a positive impact on Lebanon.


When founder Marielle Khayat left Lebanon in 2011 to continue her studies abroad, she kept a very strong bond with her country. Since then, she is convinced that being far doesn’t mean being disconnected and has a burning desire to contribute to Lebanon's development: “I work in the entrepreneurship and Innovation field in Paris, this inspires me to look at things from a different perspective and think of creative solutions to problems. When I started writing down my ideas, I noticed that they all involved Lebanon!”

She continues saying “From abroad I was seeing all these local Lebanese initiatives that were pushing the country forward and spreading hope and positivity. I wanted to get involved but it was very hard to do that from far away.” And so with the cedar in her DNA and a determination to find a way to solve this issue, Marielle decided to create a channel between expats and their homeland to create a virtuous cycle of goodness.

And this is how Koullouna was born!
It’s a monthly subscription box that anyone can receive right at their doorsteps, comprising of: 

  • Local goods and products: each box will contain a bundle of curated articles shipped with love, all the way from Lebanon.
  • Local initiatives: each box will be contributing to helping a Lebanese initiative that has a positive impact on the country. That way, customers are collectively helping their country grow from afar and contributing to a virtuous local ecosystem :) 

A first prototype box was sent to 20+ Lebanese based in different cities around the world, from Paris to Dubai and was around the theme of coffee: One “Rakwe”, 4 “Chaffe”, an orange blossom water bottle from Maymoune, a pack of coffee from Cafe Najjar and lots of Lebanese goodies.

“The box takes you on a journey to discover the essence of coffee and all the ritual that comes with it. I felt like I was back at my grandma’s place, after a big family lunch” Reem Hayek, one of the first Koullouna customers (Paris)

“I loved the booklet and instructions, I learned things about coffee that I had no idea about. Plus, I hadn’t had white coffee for so long!” Elie Ghossain, one of the first Koullouna customers (United-States)

“We had amazing feedback from everyone who received the box. There was so much excitement, we knew we needed to bring this to the world” says Marielle. 

To cater to the different needs of customers, they offer different subscription options that you can choose from: you can subscribe monthly or buy 3 to 6 months discounted subscriptions. You can also buy it as a gift to a friend or a foreign loved one: “Because Koullouna is not just for Lebanese expats. It’s for anyone that wants to experience Lebanon from far and support the great things that are happening in the country.” says Khayat. 

The Koullouna team is now running a crowdfunding campaign where you can pre-order your subscription box. This campaign will help the team raise the funds it needs to bring the project to life.

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