November 29, 2016 Paris France Europe

Le Mido: Enjoy Traditional Japanese Food in Paris
Casual Dining

We came across Le Mido by mistake. Specializing in Japanese and Chinese cuisine, Le Mido is a very casual restaurant which serves good quality food. I have tried eating sushi in Paris several times but have never been satisfied, until today.

You are welcomed by a Japanese waiter and served by another who doesn't understand French. You can see a woman from behind the bar preparing the food.


Dimmed lights, orange leather chairs, dark wooden tables and grey walls face a bar lit in black with a television showing a still photo of Hong Kong. 

The menu looks cheap and complicated; sushi and sashimi, rice and duck, salads and home specialities. The main problem is the display and quality of the photos. Not the finest of first impressions but I felt that the food was going to be good.


Lunch is served:

  • The signature maki looks like a dragon, consisting of shrimp tempura maki covered with bread crumbs and sweet teriyaki sauce. Good quality rice, fresh non-oily shrimp; a delicious result.
  • Good quality fish, good rice, with a clean taste; the various sushi are good and as they should be - having no mayonnaise or additional flavor coverings.
  • Tasty noodles, very good rice.
  • The spicy giant shrimps are awesome!
  • Order the duck, it is really good! 
  • Sweet salmon with rice, fried fish...

I didn't expect to enjoy the experience at this small restaurant yet I enjoyed every plate we ordered.

We enjoyed the food so much that we ordered another plate of shrimps and two other plates of sushi. Even though we ordered for six persons or more, we paid €50/person and left happy.

For a quick lunch, try Le Mido.

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