September 14, 2018


BEAUPASSAGE now reveals its tailored offering of its artisans to bring wonder into our daily routines.



Within BEAUPASSAGE, Yannick Alléno and his wife Laurence have created a unique, friendly and elegant, cross-disciplineand high-standard establishment, spanning three floors andbrilliantly incorporating a restaurant, a wine cellar and an art gallery in a single location. Designed by Studiocaid’s Franck Cousin, with a clear inclination towards raw concrete, wood, marble, bright colours and soft lighting, the Allénothèque successfully brings together the three-star chef’s bistronomic cuisine with his passion for wine, while upstairs his wife Laurence Bonnel-Alléno will present in her Galerie Scène Ouverte a succession of temporary installations by a variety of contemporary artists invited to exhibit. A true testament to the couple’s taste for beauty.

The underground wine cellar, stacked with some seven hundred French and foreign vintages, where customers can pick one or several bottles to take away or enjoy withtheirmeal at the restaurant; the top floor’s stunningexhibitionspace, celebrating exceptional know-how; the light-drenchedground-floor dining room, where guests can choose tositeither at an individual table or share a meal at one of the large raised communal tables, which seem to have been carved from an ancient tree trunk... Everything has been planned to elicit a sense of wonderment and excitement, and to encourage people to interact in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Seasoned sommeliers sharing their expertise on wine, unpretentious food infused with fresh creativity, theapéritif starting at 5 pm, bottles of wine, champagne and spirits sold for take away: the Allénothèque never ceases to amaze. Covering 550 sqm, the restaurant has a dining room that sits 50 guests, with a view on the open kitchen, 60 more on the terrace and 10 at the chef’s table. The gallery can also provide a large and unique additional dining room, available for private events.



The Barthélémy house has been roaming France’s countrysidefor nearly fifty years in pursuit of the country’s hidden treasures:summer goat cheese from Tarn, traditional Cantal from Salers, high-pasture Beaufort, the world-famous Vacherin Mont-d’Or, so soft you eat it with a spoon, the real Camembert from Calvados, Saint-Marcellin flavoured with grape pomace, garlicGaperon, the light and airy Fontainebleau... Paris’s most famous fromagerie, which supplies the French Presidential Palace and whose reputation has extended far beyond theconfines of its native 7th arrondissement, is headed byNicole Barthélémy, who has turned this small local cheese shop into an Embassy of regional know-how. Since the very beginning, Nicole Barthélémy has shown unwavering support for BEAUPASSAGE. The new shop will sit at one of the passage’s entrances. So it only takes one step for passers-by to enter her wonderful world.



Chef Olivier Bellin is bringing the seaside to BEAUPASSAGE with his new and original street food brand. After earning his two Michelin stars for his work at L’Auberge des Glazicks, Olivier Bellin joined Mersea in June 2016 – a new concept established by Keyvan Badri in Rue du Faubourg Montmartre in Paris, which garnered instant fame. Advocating for a new – tasty, fresh, fast-served and more affordable – approach to cooking fish, his recipes for Mersea have become best- sellers, especially his must-try Fish&Chips Dentelle madefrom pearly Pollock fish enveloped in an airy and crunchyfried batter.

Hopping the river called for a new atmosphere. This time, the interior has been entrusted to Noix Design, under Laurence Simoncini’s art direction. Mersea’s new BEAUPASSAGE location develops a more urban take on the traditional brasserie, but keeps the original street seafood concept intact in the plate. Table service is available on the terraceand in the first-floor dining room, while the ground floor hosts a bar offering cocktail tastings and specialised in gin, as well as a deli counter, where visitors will find homemadeseafood delicacies and collaborative products like Mersea’s craft beer brewed in Picardie.

Every day, in addition to its signature Fish&Chips, the restaurant’s menu includes a dozen entrées and roughly the same number of seasonal dishes: M in Black Burger, Cardinal Homard, tuna Club Tataki, Cod Ceviche and Seafood Salad. As for dessert, indulge in one of several old favourites:riz au lait flavoured with tonka beans, lemon tomato-basil curd or homemade Nutella waffle...



Muay Thai World Champion and high-profile coach Abdoulaye Fadiga is a world-renowned sports figure. His passion andhis commitment to sport have given him the opportunity to develop a strong bond with those who have tried the Champion Spirit method, an approach that helps people who have never practiced any physical activity appreciatethe benefits of exercise. This highly physical method islending its contribution to the BEAUPASSAGE experienceand launching its third club: three whole floors designed bysome of the most creative architects and artists in Europe. The concept – monthly memberships and day passes – isthe same as in the brand’s first club 50 Foch Paris, whichhas become the flagship establishment for the ChampionSpirit concept. Champion Spirit Rive Gauche is equipped with a spectacular climbing wall and provides a pyramidal training scheme with expert coaches for each discipline. Downstairs: a bodybuilding area, a professional boxingring and a running track. On the ground floor: a social club with a wall punched by a giant sculpted fist, created by Richard Orlinsky, a concept store, a coffee & muesli bar forbreakfasts, a sauna and a Biologique Recherche wellness institute with individual treatment rooms. Champion Spirit Rive Gauche will be the new beacon for the brand’s know-how in fitness and wellness. Upstairs: a large collectivestudio holds yoga and pilates classes, as well as sword and fencing lessons. In order to provide members with the best possible service in physical therapy for recovery or athletic training, Abdoulaye Fadiga has assembled a team consisting of the best professionals from INSEP (National Sport, Expertise and Performance Institute) – an institution with which he has been collaborating for years.



The world’s most famous French pastry chef has chosen toestablish his new shop in BEAUPASSAGE. For the first time,he is launching a café with an adjoining terrace, designed by interior architect Laura Gonzalez. Pierre Hermé invites us tosample his new gourmet concept, tasty and refined. A cosyand intimate interior, featuring out-of-the-way alcoves anda large central bar, where coffee and tea are raised to the status of protagonists in the experience. Pierre Hermé’s firstcafé is an invitation extended to passers-by, beckoning them to enter the chef’s unique world of taste and indulgence at

every hour of the day, from breakfast to pre-dinner drinks. Ispahan Croissants and lightly-browned pains au chocolatwith pistachios are the staples for a delicious morningbreak, while the lunch menu offers a wide choice of mouth-watering options: a crunchy crab and avocado salad, a savoury croque-monsieur, and club sandwiches made from Japanese white bread, universally recognised for its soft and airy texture. In this temple dedicated to the senses, dessert remains the pièce de résistance: pâtisseries, macarons and chocolate bonbons, which have made the house’s reputation, will all be available either to eat in or take away,along with a selection of coffees and teas, prepared withpassion and precision.



After Rue Laborde, the two-star chef is taking up residence in BEAUPASSAGE with La Boulangerie. Thierry Marx is reinstating bread at the core of French cuisine. This new location is not just another place to buy a baguette: it is a place that promotes certain beliefs, an ethical agenda. Theflour is organic, each farmer and miller is carefully selectedand the dough is kneaded using only artisanal methods. Incidentally, the house’s signature baguette is dubbed La Loyale. Loyalty to customers, to suppliers and to collaborators – a driving principle for Thierry Marx. Creating products that generate value beyond their price. La Boulangerie will not only be a destination for viennoiseries and other pastries,but also for street food. Influenced by his background andhis many travels, Thierry Marx inaugurates a new way to eat on the go: he intends to rehabilitate the traditional Jambon Beurre sandwich and will be introducing his own invention – the Breadmaki. And if the chef has chosen to place bread at the core of his cuisine, he is also pouring all of his talent into his bread. La Boulangerie is the best reason to have a snack at any hour of the day!



Based in Valence, South-Eastern France – in the department that has the highest rate of organic production in France –, Anne-Sophie Pic established in 2014 her gourmet cafeteria, playfully labelled Daily Pic. Promoting the importance of “good food everyday”, Daily Pic is finally landing in Paris.This new eatery located in BEAUPASSAGE marks a much- awaited new step in the chef’s career. New location, new décor, new inspiration. Naturally ePICurean, the new Daily Pic developed for BEAUPASSAGE was designed by Mathieu Lehanneur, whose creative lines, combining soft shapes, science, art and function, has found an exact match in the chef’s passions, intuitions and beliefs. Driven by her values – taste, sharing, respect and research –, Anne-Sophie Pic creates natural and healthy recipes produced in Valence, cooked at low temperature to guarantee food safety and conservation (without added preservatives or additives) and then packaged in glass jars, making it possible to export her local cuisine into the rest of the country. An artisan of fast casual dining, Anne-Sophie Pic is constantly inventing new recipes. Her menus feature classic, creative and green- based dishes, that follow the seasons and change every day, depending on the chef’s moods and cravings. The onlyconsistent part is her attention to offering quality, balancedmeals every day. Among the favourites so far: marinated pink shrimp with Granny Smith apples and celery, Roquefort and spinach ravioles and Coalfish with Madras curry, coconutand venere rice. Her recipes also include desserts, sold in the same glass jars, that will satisfy any sweet tooth.



Born into a long-standing family of breeders-butchers from the Meuse department in Eastern France, Alexandre Polmard is not even 30 yet and he has already transformed the butcher’scraft. At his family shop, established in 1973 in the small townof Saint-Mihiel, he has developed a new maturation process followed by a period of hibernation at -21°C. Now recognisedworldwide, Alexandre Polmard has opened his first shop/restaurant in Paris, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the aptly named Passage de la Petite Boucherie. He thenopened another one in Nancy in October 2017. The décorplayed on the same traditional spirit for the table d’hôte and the take-away counter, and customers are attended by a team of professionals eager to share insight and advice about their products. From one passage to another, Alexandre Polmardsets up shop in BEAUPASSAGE. Covering two floors, this new location offers a novel take on the concept developed

for Nancy. On the ground floor, a butcher’s shop featuring all sorts of fresh and/or hibernated meats and cold cuts, completewith hibernation cabinets and glass-door curing chambersfor the wow effect, while the first floor houses the restaurant,with a menu consisting of 90% of beef. Downstairs, Italian, ginger or 2Polmard tartars, the unmistakeable côte de bœuf, armfuls of saucissons, beef rillettes, pâtés and terrines. Upstairs: rare meat served for the real carnivores. Designed by interior architect Chloé Genter, the project taps into its popular and nostalgic roots, and serves a generous supply of beefy humour. The shop also includes a cigar humidor, an important addition for Alexandre Polmard, who produced alimited edition of 3,000 Honduran cigars. Cigar aficionadoscan rent out the entire restaurant space to make it their own private cigar room for an evening. The restaurant’s design features wood, wrought iron and galvanised metal, creating an ambiance reminiscent of a traditional farm stable from Eastern France.


%ARABICA is a Japanese brand of coffee shops led byJunichi Yamaguchi, artisan barista and World Champion of Latte Art.

In this 100-sqm shop designed by Japanese architecture studio Onndo, complemented by an additional 55-sqmterrace, customers can try unique specialty coffees, grownin the best South-American and African soils. Envisionedas a celebration of coffee, it is a friendly and unclutteredexperiential space, an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the city – like Kyoto’s ryokans. Baristas get an early start at 8 am to introduce customers to a worldof refinement and the true taste of Arabica coffee, expertlybrewed using a variety of extraction methods – espresso orfilter (gentle method) – and recipes: espresso, macchiato,latte, americano, Chemex, served either hot or iced. Their exceptional know-how makes them uniquely equipped to bringout each flavour inside the cup in order to reach umami – alasting aftertaste, mild and savoury, often described as thefifth taste. In the coffee bean cellar, customers can chooseand purchase their own blends, which are promptly roasted at the store, allowing them to extend the experience at home.


With a design that combines wood and brick with contemporary lighting, Carrefour City BEAUPASSAGE was designed to provide the best possible shopping experience. The store includes an area entirely dedicated to organic products, with a very large selection of products available.

Customers will also find original offerings: a casual meeting area, where shoppers will find all of the ingredients necessaryfor successfully making homemade cocktails, as well as a number of cocktail recipes, diced fresh fruit and vegetables, a juicer, a rotisserie, etc. Regional products will have a placeof honour, with a stand dedicated to the brand Reflets de France. The store also offers a number of services to makelife easier: home deliveries, a community concierge counter, and exclusive products available only through click&collect. Most importantly, the store was created to provide a place for people to interact: the Sharing Bar is a place where localresidents can have lunch or coffee or even exchange books,thanks to a community library.


Tucked away between the well-known Boulevard Raspail, Rue de Grenelle and Rue du Bac, just a stone’s throw away from Musée Maillol, BEAUPASSAGE is essentially the perfect setting for an idle afternoon stroll. For all those who enjoy ambling through the city, making beautiful discoveries and surprising finds, the roofless passage holds the promise of a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Wellness,delicious foods, planted areas and works of art are the essential features of this new location, unlike any other. Exceptional artisans Yannick Alléno, Nicole Barthélémy, Olivier Bellin, Abdoulaye Fadiga, Pierre Hermé, Thierry Marx, Anne-Sophie Pic,Alexandre Polmard and Junichi Yamaguchi are moving in, bringing their bold new ideas along with them to offer unexpectedexperiences accessible to all.

Reinvented by Emerige with the talent of B&B Architectes, Franklin Azzi Architecture and landscape designer Michel Desvigne, this architectural gem brings together four centuries of diverse construction techniques and styles. It is a poetic destination for an inspiring afternoon stroll contemplating immersive, sculptural installations by Fabrice Hyber, Eva Jospin, Stefan Rinck and Marc Vellay. BEAUPASSAGE: an inspiring retreat from daily life.

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