February 22, 2019 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Le Mythe: Lebanon's First Private Club with a Fine Dining Restaurant (Restaurant Closed)

Le Mythe is molded to offer a completely new concept of private clubs. It represents the epitome of luxury and privacy for members looking for a genuine location provided to a secluded circle. LE MYTHE will be the haven of ladies and gents who appreciate a truly luxurious lifestyle, in a high-end, authentic and warm setting to conduct top-level meetings.


Le Mythe, is the place where you can enjoy complete and uninterrupted genuine experiences, in a warm setting, mingling with your friends while unwinding to great beats, savoring the best European dishes at Europa the French bistro, where everything is genuine and original, and where the fine art of French cuisine is poured in your plates, and enjoying wine spirits at the Wine bar, where you can explore the extensive wine list we have, and where special bottles can be tasted while sipping a drink by the bar or watching the sunset on the terrace.



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