December 24, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Lebanese Bread: How It's Made

We love pita bread... don't we? Especially when it's freshly out of the oven, hot and yummy. I went into the back scenes to see how our bread is made, interesting and mouthwatering, to say the least. You walk into a space where tens of thousands of bread loafs are produced by the hour... Impressive and I had to share with you...

I was so excited to know everything about Bread Production. From start to end, the bread needs less than 15 minutes, where the dough is first prepared and inserted in the machine which will divide it into homogenous chunks. Afterwards, moving along the conveyor belt, the dough will relax in an environment that can go up to 60% of humidity. Then, the dough is ready to enter the oven for immediate cooking.


Following the complicated and innovative process we went into the last room where the packaging is done. Bread loafs continue on the long conveyor belt for cooling then fall down on stainless tables. In here, a busy beehive of workers puts ten loafs in every bag. That's the only process done by hand as nothing to date could be invented to replace this part done by humans.

I enjoyed:

  • The professionalism in the process
  • The synchronized work that flows gently and smoothly
  • The laser machine that engraves the production date on every bag
  • The different bag colors depending on the inner content
  • The signature secret recipe that makes Wooden Bakery's bread different from others


Watch the video and enjoy the process... Innovative indeed.





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