June 24, 2020

Lebanese Restaurateur Mohamad Fakih :Canada’s first Fully Automated Restaurant

Earlier this spring, restaurateur extraordinaire Mohamad Fakih was all set to launch his latest casual dining concept, Box’d, in the Financial District. And then along came Covid-19, effectively putting those plans on hold. The CEO of Paramount Fine Foods says growing up in Lebanon during a civil war gives him some perspective on the current crisis. Here, he explains what Box’d is, how it works, and why he’s not scared to open a new business during a global pandemic. (Toronto Life)

BOX'D Restaurant

Box’d, the brainchild of Paramount Fine Foods CEO Mohamad Fakih, is being billed as Canada’s first fully-automated restaurant. Inspired by the flavours of the Middle East, Box’d has a variety of cold and hot foods on the menu – including Paramount’s signature hummus served a variety of ways. To order food, customers have the option to either use the restaurant’s automated kiosks, scan a QR code on their smartphones and place their order through their phone, or pre-order from home. Just because the system is automated doesn’t mean there aren’t real people hard at work. Box’d will have a number of chefs preparing fresh meals for its customers. (City News)

The automat, where freshly made food once appeared from a vending machine at the drop of a coin, could hold an answer to the conundrum of contactless dining. There’s Box’d in Toronto, an automated restaurant opening this week, and a New York dumpling shop set to launch next month. In the midst of a pandemic, some restaurateurs are riffing on a relic to create something contemporary.(The SUnTimes)

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