May 18, 2022

Lebnaneh W Noss brings the authentic taste of Lebanon as they launch their Kaakeh Trabulsiyeh

Freshly made in Lebanon, this traditional staple feels like a warm hug

Lebnaneh W Noss will have you feeling like you’re back in Lebanon as they bring their famous Kaakeh Trabulsiyeh to Hessa Street. This crowd favourite eatery opens their doors to Lebanese food enthusiasts and continues to shine their light among the Dubai food scene. 

Lebnaneh W Noss strives to bring the authentic flavours from Lebanon to your tastebuds. The iconic eatery is famed for their delicious slew of street food, all prepared with love and offers dine-in, takeaway and delivery. With a dream of giving the Lebanese community a sweet memory to cherish and the rest of the city a new favourite, Lebnaneh W Noss launches their Kaakeh Trabulsiyeh, a sensational Lebanese street bread. Covered with sesame seeds, the bread is crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside and promises guests a warm welcome like no other. 

Lebnaneh W Noss takes it one step further by bringing you delicious Kaakeh freshly made in Lebanon. With a selection of enticing fillings to choose from, diners can customize the Kaakeh to their own liking. Try the Turkey and Cheese Kaakeh, Pesto and Cheese Kaakeh, Chicken Fahita Kaakeh, Zaatar Kaakeh or relish unique choices such as the Philly Steak Kaakeh, Kunafa Spread Kaakeh and more. 

Explore a simple yet delicious menu that is filled with authenticity and tempting flavours where you can taste your way through dishes like Baba Ghanouj, Sujuk Sandwich, Muttabal, Makanek, Falafel, Fried Kebbeh and a variety of grill platters. Their flavoursome shawarmas are a classic go-to for shawarma lovers that hits the spot every single time. 

If you are nostalgic about Lebanon and its street food, head straight to the Lebnaneh W Noss, a household name and favourite destination for Lebanese street food in Dubai. Soak in the charming interiors which showcases visual elements reminiscent of the rich Lebanese culture as you discover the original taste of Lebanon. 

About Lebnaneh W Noss 

Located in Hessa Street, Lebnaneh W Noss is well-known for their authentic Lebanese food and offers a range of Lebanese sandwiches, street food favourites as well as the iconic Lebanese Mezze, where the quality is truly unmatched. The restaurant is also famous for their delicious shawarmas and has been recently selected as the best shawarma in Dubai by the prominent blogger Raghid Abbara after featuring Lebnaneh W Noss in ‘Shawarma Trip with Ragid’ on his online platform. Hummus, Muttabal Egg Plant, Baba Ghanouj, Falafel Platter, Street Fried Kibbeh, Vine Leaves Fatteh and Grills are a few of the signature dishes on the menu. Guests can taste the flavours of Lebanon with a dine-in, takeaway or delivery option.

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