October 15, 2017 San Francisco California USA Americas

Little Giant Ice Cream San Francisco
Non-smokers friendly

When you see the colorful bar stools left in the middle of the street, you know that you’ve reached your destination. The Little Giant Ice Cream shop is really little, probably two square meters, and sells 12 choices of ice cream. It doesn’t look very appetizing and definitely needs freshening up: the place doesn’t make your mouth water.


No waffle cones in sight, no photos decorating the place, no obvious menu just names scribbled on the freezer. 12 choices of ice cream half of which look like they have melted overnight. So I asked for a cup with two scoops and continued my way up the hill.

Extremely sweet, I couldn’t eat more than a bite. An overdose of sugar and intense creaminess, it's heavier than Ben and Jerry's ice cream. 


High ratings on Google Maps, but I’m not sure what people like so much about this ice cream place. Not my style at all!


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