January 03, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Lobster Rolls: A Trend to Look Out for in 2015 - Now in Lebanon

Phone Number: +961 1 999836

Address: Beirut souks, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon

Website: http://www.brgr.co/

Price Range: 30-40 $

Voila, why wait for the New Year’s 2015 predictions while December loundly broadcasts some of the food trends for the year ahead. One such trend to keep an eye on is the lobster roll. Acoté, as I shared with you before, includes the lobster roll in their menu and now look out for the one at Brgr.Co … And surely others will follow.


The lobster roll, which is taking London by storm, is associated with the city of Maine. How it is prepared? The lobsters are cooked, buttered and mixed with mayonnaise and some spices and then placed in a brioche bun, just ready to be devoured. These are not your average everyday sandwiches, but a kind of delicacy sold at £20 in London and now for $20 in Lebanon (LBP32,000 at acote and LBP28,000 at Brgr.Co). 

Brgr.Co's lobster roll uses only pure lobster, it's not mixed with anything else (like crab or shrimp), in a blend of premium mayonnaise with a subtle touch of spices. A small sandwich of around 15 centimeters, cut along the sides to eliminate the round edges, carefully buttered and grilled, before being cut down the middle and filled to the top.


Crunchy, perfectly buttered sides which crumble under the teeth as the experience starts and aromas fill your senses. A juicy filling of flavorful mayonnaise, a pepper blend, paprika and lemon zest... Juicy lobsters mixed with a lemon juice and ready to amaze. A slight crunch of celery, chives decorating the top and here you are in front of a luxurious sandwich.

Lobster_Roll_NoGarlicNoOnions_Brgr.Co3 copy

Don't focus on the size, feel the contents, the sandwich contains more than 100 grams of pure lobster, directly imported from America.

This special edition is now available while quantities last.





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