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Brgr.Co: Enjoying the Burger... Every Time!
Out with the Guys

Phone Number: +961 1 999836

Address: Beirut souks, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 30-40 $

I have been here, done that and wrote several reviews... Coming to Brgr.Co as many times as I can a year has become a pleasant habit. Every time I go I enjoy their full bodied burger as well as some of the renowned items they have been famous for. The lobster roll is the best this country has, their butcher's cut is exquisite as well as the seasonal specials. Today we try the Santana.


The Santana picture on Instagram was a big hit. Thousands of likes in just one day!

  • The Santana Burger: It looks huge, a messy burger filled with a chunk of 350 gram fried chicken - the biggest out there. Super crispy, the chicken breast tickles your tongue, crunches and explodes with a zesty juiciness. A super juicy chicken breast stuffed inside those fluffy buns, topped with a guacamole sauce of a different kind, corn, corn relish and Chipotle mayo sauce. It's awesome! The explosions of flavors takes you on a journey where the first bite makes you want to have another and another until you're done with the whole thing. I never had a chicken burger like this before.


  • The lobster roll: It's "the" tastiest lobster roll in Lebanon. Many have tried, none have succeeded. Bravo to maintaining a unique lobster roll using fresh lobsters -not frozen- simply laid in a fresh bun covered with butter to make them crispy, a zest of lemon and enjoy. Exceptional and even better than many I've had in London. Two thumbs up, chef. 


  • Portobello and smoked cheese burger: It looks neat, seven layers set one on top of the other. The fluffy bun, crispy lettuce, a thin slice of tomato, the famous juicy meat, thickly cut smoked cheese, chipotle mayo sauce and a load of pan-fried portobello mushrooms. Those guys at Brgr.Co know what burgers are all about. Excellent!


Still on my Top5 list of Lebanon's best burgers.

Suitable For: Out with the Guys





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