January 28, 2017 San Francisco California USA Americas

Lori's Diner: A Typical American Diner in San Francisco
Non-smokers friendly
Out with the Guys

A typical American diner, Lori's Diner is where you feel like you're one of stars in Grease the movie... Red leather sofas, a bar in the middle, the floor decorated with white & black tiles, yellow lights and photos of Marilyn Monroe. I was excited to try their food...


Nice music played in the background but what was even more interesting was the sound of frying oil cooking in the kitchen. Stainless steel hoods, ketchup bottles, vending machines and many other old items left around for decoration. It's a typically American diner and it makes you want to come in.

Two pages of the menu include eggs and breakfast, breakfast additions and pancakes, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and soups. The third page is dedicated to salads, appetizers, classic diner food, sides and grills. Pasta is not available anymore.

It's all action around here...the sound of cutlery, the white napkins, the sauces, the white plastic which has turned beige, witty staff yet too serious and the chef whistling while cooking the burgers. The photos speak for themselves.

For dinner I had the pancakes, the steak sandwich and chicken tenders alongside a portion of French fries.

A huge plate of French fries, a big plate of pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries, an enormous plate of steak and cheese... and the chicken tenders. Portions are big!


  • A thick piece of steak in a sandwich with tender meat, crunchy toasted bread, tomatoes and lettuce spread with sauce. I added steak sauce for double the pleasure while nibbling on my fries.
  • Chicken tenders are well fried and well marinated. Moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. Four of them served on lettuce with sauce.
  • French fries to which I added ketchup and mustard. Real American golden fries cooked to a crispy level.
  • Old plates, oily edges but this is what makes a diner feel real in my opinion. But I didn't really appreciate the draft soft drink which tasted like plastic and metal so much that I couldn't drink it.
  • Pancakes are good! Fluffy with freshly whipped cream, a bowl loaded with strawberries, maple syrup and butter served with a slice of orange.

I enjoyed this place... I really enjoyed the mood and authenticity of their American diner food.

Suitable For: Out with the Guys





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