December 05, 2012

Lurpak Mighty Meal Timer App Will Make Your Christmas Dinner a Success

Lurpak is celebrating the festive season with a new App to help consumers create a Christmas feast. Centered around the main meal, the new Lurpak Mighty Meal Timer App is a tool to help make a Christmas dinner a success. Available now to download free from iTunes, the app for iPhone and iPad.

By selecting the dishes to cook, including everything from the Christmas turkey through to the compulsory sprouts, the App will automatically work out what needs to be done and when, providing users with a full timetable for preparing all the different elements and cooking the meal. The App will even give reminders to ensure the meal runs smoothly, such as making sure the turkey is fully defrosted and basted regularly, or when to start boiling the spuds. Rutger Hauer has also recorded a series of voiceovers which pop up throughout the cooking process to ensure users don’t forget any crucial steps. The Lurpak Mighty Meal Timer App will be communicated in Christmas-themed inner foils found on the brands Spreadable range, as well as through consumer print and a national outdoor campaign. For further information on the Lurpak Mighty Meal Timer App and seasonal tips for a top Christmas this year, go to:

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