November 04, 2013

Personlized Wooden Spoons

Christmas is just around the corner and before we know it we have to start shopping for gifts. One idea I like are these engraved wooden spoons for those who love to cook,  big or little. No need to wait for Christmas as these wooden spoon are a great gift for any occasion with a range of options for engraving and personalization.

original_personalised-child-s-wooden-spoon1 original_personalised-child-s2-wooden-spoon

Licking the spoon just got personal! Let us introduce you to the very friendly spoon head family! Perfect for a baking themed party or to liven up family baking sessions. They are ready and waiting to help make baking with mum, dad or grandma even more fun! Great to give as gifts to any little budding bakers, or to give in party bags or as party favours, or just for fun in your own kitchen. The spoons offer a range of engraved images with a name or short message.
Categories: Food Gadgets


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