May 19, 2014

Restaurants in Lebanon: #LiveLoveLebanon

You've seen the international news reports. You've heard the talk. But you know Lebanon is much more than that. From exciting Beirut nights to the serenity of its villages, and from the crashing waves of its shores to its snow-capped mountains, with your help the true face of Lebanon can reach the world. Restaurants in Lebanon report:

To promote Lebanon positively this year, the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism is encouraging all social media lovers to share the beauty of Lebanon with the rest of the world, to show what most people out there don't see. People can capture a picture or video anywhere in Lebanon and upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #LiveLoveLebanon, or on the campaign's official Facebook page. By doing so, Lebanese people will be portraying a positive image of their country. The Live Love Lebanon campaign is inspired by the successful and award-winning movement Live Love Beirut, which started two years ago with the aim of showing the real Lebanon to the world. The image of Lebanon is now in your hands! After all, who better than the Lebanese to show the world what this country is truly about? Be your country's ambassador and show the world your Lebanon.

Upload your pictures and videos on the Live Love Lebanon page; and stay logged in, as many more surprises are coming your way... Watch the complete Kalam Enass Episode of Sunday 18th of May The #livelovelebanon official video:


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