April 17, 2019 Lebanon Middle East

Maamoul Comparison Video: 12 Different Choices to Choose From

It’s the season of “Ma3mouleté atyab Maamoul”, so why not try some of them and check the differences. On a quest to find the best Maamoul in town, I spent a long day driving around from Saida to Tripoli searching for good Maamoul. Different recipes, different shapes, different flavors, and different prices. 

Below is the final list:

  • Hanna mitri 
  • Joelle’s Cuisine 
  • Al baba sweets 
  • Pâtisserie Chidiac 
  • Zejd (olive oil maamoul) 
  • Amal Bohsali 
  • Hallab 
  • Chanterelle 
  • Mayrig 
  • Al Kassir Saida 
  • Y The Chocolate Anfeh
  • Flocons Ice Cream


Now the prices:

  • Flocons: (ice cream) 105,000LL/jar
  • Hanna Mitri: /12 (20 pieces, 1kg). 32,000 pistachio -2,600LL/piece-. 28,000 walnuts. 34,000 almonds. 18,000 tamer. Expect around 50,000/kg.
  • Zejd /box. 35,000LL. (800g at 70,000LL) Pistachio 16 pieces. Dates 18 pieces. Gluten-free and sugar-free, the kilo is double all the rest reading 75,000/kg.
  • Al Kassir /12 (900g 12,000LL) 1,000LL/piece. (The least expensive)
  • Chanterelle /12 (800g 26 pieces). Pistachio 25,000LL. Walnuts and almonds 23,000LL. Tamer 16,000LL. Kilo can hit the 45,000LL price.
  • Joelle’s Cuisine /box 50,000LL (50,000LL/1,2kg)
  • Y The Chocolate: /kg 35,000LL
  • Baba /kg 24,000LL (Approximatively 55-60 pieces/kg) Special flavors: Figs, apricot, orange.
  • Chidiac: /kg 30,000LL
  • Bohsali /kg 30,000LL
  • Mayrig /kg. Tamer 35,000LL. Pistachio 45,000LL. Special 45,000LL (chocolate, loukoum, honey)
  • Hallab /kg 28,000LL (individually wrapped)

Prices would vary from 12,000LL up to 50,000LL per kilogram. People who sell by piece are more expensive except Al Kassir.


The winner is: Joelle's Cuisine.

Check out the video and choose your personal favorite this season.





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