April 19, 2019 Lebanon Middle East

Maamoul Comparison Video 2019: 8 Different Choices to Choose From: One Winner!

It’s the season of “Ma3mouleté atyab Maamoul”, so why not try some of them and check the differences. On a quest to find the best Maamoul in town, I spent a long day driving around from Saida to Tripoli searching for good Maamoul. Different recipes, different shapes, different flavors, and different prices. 

Below is the final list:

  • Lamisse
  • Irap
  • Fadel
  • La Cigale
  • Bar Tartine
  • Em Fares
  • The Lebanese Bakery
  • Elika Sweets


Now the prices:

  • Lamisse: /kg Mixed 25,000LL. Dates 25,000LL. Pistachio 30,000LL. Walnuts 30,000LL. Nice green box, big pieces that are overcoated with sugar.
  • Irap: /kg 43,000LL. Ready-mixed tin box for 30,000(700gr). Maamoul pieces are tiny with no sugar coating.
  • Fadel: /kg 34,000LL. Presented in a plastic tray with an option of extra sugar. Pieces are tiny and somehow overcooked.
  • La Cigale: /kg 44,000LL. Here the pieces are sold per piece (2,000) and placed in your choice of either a carton box or a plastic tray. Although the pieces are generously sugar coated they do propose an additional sprinkle.
  • Bar Tartine: Dates /kg 32,000LL. Pistachio /kg 50,000LL. Oat Maamoul, packed in boxes, ready over the counter.
  • Em Fares: /kg 25,000LL. Presented in a plastic tray.
  • The Lebanese Bakery: /kg 25,000LL. The packaging here is quite simple yet trendy with a craft and plastic box.
  • Elika Sweets: /kg Mixed 18,000LL. Dates /kg 12,000LL. Walnuts /kg 18,000LL. Pistachio /kg 22,000LL. Laid in a brown and gold carton box.

The winner is: The Lebanese Bakery.

Check out the video and choose your personal favorite this season.





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