February 01, 2013 Malaga Spain Europe

Malaga International Airport: Costa Del Sol

The closest airport to Gibraltar South of Spain is Malaga International Airport. To my surprise, I didn't expect it to be that big, that grandiose. I thought I would be visiting a little hangar. Malaga International Airport has three terminals, a big duty free, a couple of fast food restaurants, two grill and beer bars and four distinctive gate hubs. We landed at the T3 International Terminal.
T3 was opened in March 2010, it is a very impressive structure made mainly of steel and glass which gives it a very open and airy feel. They say its much brighter and more welcoming than the old T2.
You reach a big metallic structure with high ceiling. The high ceiling makes the space inside look huge and at the same time feels relaxing. A long line of checking desks, airline sales offices and Starbucks Coffee. After check-in, an even bigger surprise welcomes you. A large duty free where you can find all alcoholic beverages, perfumes and souvenirs, shops among other things just like any premium airport around the world offers.
Shops: Lacoste, Adolfa Domingez, Sibarium Delicatessen, The Sweet Market, Toro Andaluz Souvenirs, Crystal Electronics, Adidas, Desire Watches and Jewels, Airport Exchange, Liberia Luces Books, Sol Cottet Sunglasses, Ferrari Store, SuperskUnk Souvenirs... to name a few...
And a couple of eateries: Burger King, Soho Coffee Co, Haagen Dazs, Four Arrows official Guinness bar, O'Learys Sports Bar, Starbucks Coffee, Upper Crust Baguettes, Dehesa Santa Maria, La Maison du Caviar Seafood and Pizza Hut Express.
The airport also has a baby lounge, many beverages machines, an Internet corner with its computers and the business lounge located on the second floor.
Airline companies landing here are many including British Airways, Ryan Air, Turkish Airlines, Monarch UK, Swiss air, Alitalia to name a few. Wherever you are on this planet, visiting Malaga is not that difficult.
I would recommend you choose one of the bars - I liked the sports bar and spend some time walking around some of the interesting shops. No need to go up to the lounge as it is boring and don't go discovering the gates as it's a very long walk for nothing. Everything is in the middle around the food court.
I liked this airport.





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