December 28, 2012 Lebanon Middle East

Mann w Salwa: Tasteless Lebanese Food (Restaurant Closed)

Mann Wa Salwa is a name inspired by a much-loved traditional Arabic sweet, Mann Wa Salwa. They aim to "combine the essence of Lebanese cuisine with the best of Lebanese hospitality to bring you the sweetest experience you can enjoy" as they stated. I was honestly not impressed at all- I came hungry and left feeling like I filled my stomach with tasteless food.
The place was packed, just like all the other restaurants at Le Mall. It's the holiday season, people are shopping and are bound to get hungry. I think the reason they choose to sit at Mann Wa Salwa is not because of the food but for it's location. This Lebanese restaurant is situated in an are area where people can smoke and enjoy a narguilleh.

I liked

  • The water glasses are quite original
  • Their menu is original covered with an original oriental textile which matches their table runners
  • They serve CocaCola
  • They serve to start: "Markouk bread' with a small bowl of olives, radishes and mint leaves

The Place Wood tables and wood benches to sit on outside. They have runners on each table, which is a nice and different touch to the regular place mats we usually see. The runners are off the same material used on the menu. The weird part what that the actual restaurant has a very different feel than the outside feel. It's colorful and original with rainbow like items covering the ceiling. The tables and chairs are different to the ones used outside. It looks more modern.

 We ordered

  • Mix order of Hommos, Labne and Moutabal: The order came super late
  • Hommos: Tasteless
  • Fattouch
  • Tabbouli
  • Cheese Rakakat
  • Sambousik
  • Grilled Fish
  • Grilled Shrimps
  • Mixed Grilled Platter: Chich Taouk, Kafta and Meat
  • Arayes Cheese and ham which comes open - melted cheese on ham on a thin "markouk bread" - It had a weird taste

How can Hommos be bland, Tabboule be so tasteless and a selection of grilled dishes leave me feeling hungry - all have no taste, no flavor, no seasoning no nothing. I felt that the plates looked half empty. They were not rich. The waiters seemed a bit lost and confused as some orders where not served and others came late. But it was nice of them to have removed the late plates from the final bill. I appreciated that.

They have something... the ambiance is not bad - work a bit harder on your food. The competition is fierce - there's no room for mediocre food.





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