September 28, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Marinus: Get Into Your Car and Escape (Restaurant Closed)

A great escape is when you actually escape the hustle and bustle of Beirut's traffic, people's frustrations, bad driving and that constant feeling of "Grrrr, I have just had enough...." The good thing is that we don't have to travel to another country for this. Just get into your car and leave the city and see where it takes you.


I got into my mine and drove out of Beirut heading towards Amchit. It was in the middle of the week and I said "F*&^ it" I deserve a break. I found myself in the most peaceful place I have seen in a while - Santorini meets Hawaii and it's right here in our own country... I reached Marinus, beautiful fish restaurant. A really beautiful set up on top of a hill in Amshit over viewing the sea. Marinus looks like a small villa, with an indoor seating area, covered outdoor seating area, a large garden, green grass, beautiful flowers and other details that you will surely enjoy the minute you walk in... I sat down and just stared into the sea as I waited for my order to come. I just watched a fisherman at work... really nice... I envied him. Although his work is not an easy one to say the least, but he seemed happy, energetic, determined... he boosted me with some positive energy... I took a deep breath in and was ready to have some food.


The Food:

  • Small  bowls with a bread basket is served at the beginning - each with includes something different - zaatar mixed with olive oil, mhammara and mixed nuts
  • Another dish of premium nuts are also served - I was impressed with the selection
  • A bread basket included toasted Lebanese bread which I dipped into the Zaatar mix and enjoyed
  • Marinus have a few specialties worth trying - Cooked tuna covered with white and black sesame seeds served with olive oil mix, Samki Harra mixed with avocado and other original ingredients and the third is beetroots puree and the highlight is their fish cubes served with soya sauce and mushrooms in a pot - really really yummy!
  • Generous portions of food
  • The more general dishes are also very good - Fried fish, grilled fish, hummos, fattouch, tabboule other types of seafood...


The Service:

  • The waiters are so caring and helpful. Before you know it, the ashtrays are changed.
  • The food is served by the waiter before being placed on the table.
  • The plates are labelled with the restaurants name. The owner stopped by our table a few times to ask if everything was 'ok' and the best part is that they have hired a professional young lady who has studied restaurant business.
  • She was nice and explained each plate that landed on our table.


I was happy... I left full, yet didn't feel heavy as you feel that all the dishes are prepared with passion and pure ingredients. 


It's important to take a break sometimes. Just drop what you're doing and drive on. Find a nice place and indulge in some good food and enjoy your countries nature... Why not...? Marinus was just what I needed...


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