August 24, 2012 Lebanon Middle East

Marion: A Little French Spot at Le Mall Dbayeh (Restaurant Closed)

Phone Number: +961--4-410010

Address: Le Mall, Dbayeh, Lebanon


Price Range: 40-60 $

One of the places that quickly attracts your attention is Marion, a French Bistro and Tea House located in the new Le Mall, Dbayeh. Although it's situated on the last floor of the mall and at the very far end, Marion's has a special provincial vibe which draws you to come try. You walk closer, you see a small sign of restaurant's name hanging - while big glass facades shows you the inside of the place. Spacious and bright! A positive feel welcomes you.

I liked the details of the Marion. The French bistro is true to its name. The furniture including white wooden tables, white wooden chairs and bar, dangling modern lamps... The menu is original with a silver long spoon attached to it. Marion serves a variety of cold and hot appetizers, sandwiches, platters, salads, desserts and a mini corner as they call it: Le Coins des Minis, which is great for kids with a selection of mini burgers, pizzas...

We tried to share

  • Tartare  de Saumon"Gravalax" - I liked it. The salmon is tasty, no fishy after taste, which I enjoyed. The diced pieces of avocado were just right adding flavor without overpowering the salmon taste.
  • Vitello Tonnato - for those who like roast beef, here's a yum dish with slices of roast beef covered with Parmesan cheese.
  • Mozzatomate - an interesting way of presenting the tomato mozzarella salad. The pesto sauce was tasty
  • Mille Feuille de Legume Du Soleil - a nice dish for vegetarians who want to eat vegetables in a way that's more appealing

As main dishes

  • Club Caprese Reviste - this could have been tastier, maybe some more pesto sauce should be added, but I liked the presentation
  • Le Club Sandwich de Gourmand - this is super interesting since the usual club sandwich ingredients like chicken, tomatoes, eggs... is placed in a waffle like bread. Very appetizing, with a side dish of crisps.
  • Blanc de Poule a la Plancha - the chicken breast can be a little less dry, but with the cheddar cheese mixed in it the final taste  good served with crisps as well. Pave style bread is fresh
  • l'Inconturnable "Steak Sandwich - fresh bread, pave style with steak piece mxed with mozzarella cheese
  • Mini Burger de Filet de Boeuf - small pieces of burgers. Just right for a quick bite.


One order of heaven, chocolate fondant that melts in your mouth.

What I liked

- The details of the bistro, from the type of plates served as well as their dishes. The dainty details are refined and oozes that French touch. - The seating area outside include chairs and sofas that are all upholstered with nice fabrics that include floral and other intriquite details including the flower pots, ketchup was served in small tiny jug - very discreet and nice. - The butter served with the bread basket was tasty, mixed with basil leaves. - Every plate looked like it has been worked on - meaning nothing is served haphazardly. Every detail has been attended to. - The signs near some dishes, which are explained at the end - vegetarian, Leger, marion's specialty, chef's suggestion. - The waiter was very sweet, although stressed as they just started serving, but he tried his best to keep us happy...

Things that requires immediate attention and can easily be done...

There was a delay in service. I am assuming since they recently opened they need more practice, but the drinks took a while to arrive. The bread basket came after we finished our entrees, it would be better if they had served them as we sat down... They didn't accept credit cards as they don't have one yet. But we were a party of 10. The manager should have informed us about this. We ended up looking into our pockets to settle the bill. The sun was a bit annoying towards the end of the meal, maybe they can add a few umbrellas since they are near the mall's entrance facade. This causes extra heat.

Overall, the experience was nice, pleasant food, fancy presentation with good taste in a casual setting. I recommend it if you're in for trying something new other than the well known places like Paul, Burger Joint, Zaata&Zeit or Crepeaway.





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