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McDonald's: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

McDonald's released a series of posters in France that don't mention the fast food chain's name anywhere on the the ad. McDonald's France2 Do you know your Big Mac from your Double Whopper? A new campaign for McDonald's by TBWA Paris relies on consumers being able to do just that, highlighting six of the chain's 'iconic' products without a shred of branding. McDonald's France The Big Mac, Cheeseburger, Sundae, French fries, Chicken McNuggets and Filet-O-Fish need no introduction, according to the agency, which goes on to explain the campaign's concept thus: "Long speeches aren't necessary: everyone knows what they taste like and stand for. A logo would be redundent, you instantly understand who's talking to you." McDonald's France1 The campaign, which runs across France in print and outdoors, features close-up images of the items but eschewing logo or any other branded visuals (apart from maybe the grease-proof paper just visible in two of them). "The brand isn’t mentioned anywhere on these visuals, not a single indication would add to the impact of the communication," states the agency. "Because when a product speaks for itself, what more could we possibly say? But moreover, why should we say anything else?" McDonald's France3 It is accompanied by a similarly understated television campaign, directed by Xavier Mairesse, which shows people's reactions to the mouth-watering imagery and its aftermath, again with no reference to the brand in the script (see Interview and Yoga below).

  • Credits:

Advertising Agency: TBW PARIS

  • Outdoor/Print

Creative director: Jean-François Goize Food creative director: Maud Poilpré Photographer: Sue Atkinson

  • TVC

Creative director: Jean-François Goize Production: Wanda Film Director: Xavier Mairesse

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