September 22, 2020

Men Kel Lebnen, La Kel Lebnen: A New Initiative to Buy Produce, Distribute Baskets, Support People

Men Kel Lebnen, La Kel Lebnen: A New Initiative to Buy Produce, Distribute Baskets, Support People.

After the huge success of the ongoing campaign "Kol W Ta3me", here comes a new initiative, focusing on the country's produce, mouneh, artisans and farmers while supporting people in need.


Supporting the villages, buying this summer’s hard work of vegetables, boosting the local rural economy, and making sure all the fresh produces and "Mouneh" are sold, this new initiative has been created. #MenKelLebnen will buy vegetables, fruits, and Mouneh from remote areas, making sure to distribute them to families in need, hopefully on all the Lebanese territory.

"Men Kel Lebnen", "La Kel Lebnen": From all of the Lebanese territory to all the Lebanese territory.

This initiative was created with the collaboration of "BioElektra", advanced recycling technology.

I'm trying to support as many families, businesses, and heroes at the moment in Lebanon's hard situation. Your support counts a lot and can make a big difference in our beloved country. Any donation is highly appreciated and can help draw a smile on someone's face.

Together we can! Lebanese around the world and everyone who loves this marvelous country: help us rebuild our country! (Videos of the situation, now on our YouTube channel) Beirut for sure, without forgetting the rural villages; Lebanese citizens all around the country need help! We will continue our tour around the villages, organizations, orphanages, elder retirement houses, businesses in need, and beyond!


JOIN my channel, support my initiative, and help me continue the journey, showing our true Lebanon to the world, with a small monthly contribution

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