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"Mon Maki à Moi", Sushi Delivery: It's Not Good
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The good thing is that they don’t use cheap green plastic leaves to separate the sushi... the not-so-good is that the rolls chew like gum!



Some say that I have an issue with "Mon Maki a Moi" which I believe is far from being a sushi place; but believe me, I don't. I dined in, I tried Jbeil and Dbayeh, again and again, to change my mind, until I ordered sushi home. Plastic containers like fast food chains, not classy at all and not up to sushi standard, sweet rolls, chewy rice, and disturbing pink sauces; that’s not acceptable for a place that claims to be the best.


Plastic boxes used for low-quality Chinese food, pieces loaded with sauce, a super duper chewy and sticky rice with end-notes of sweetness - which I believe has gotten better than before. Crisps that are hard like stone and not even crispy, bizarre flavors, salmon cubes empowered by the strong taste of sauce... a disturbing experience I honestly won’t repeat.

Oh waw! That salmon skin is so bad! How can one create something that chewy, gummy, sweet and not-tasty.

I’m sorry... I’ve tried, it still is not up to my expectations.

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