September 01, 2016 Arizona USA Americas

Mr. D's: Route 66 Historical Diner in Kingman Arizona
Non-smokers friendly

Ding, ding... the diner doors open to a vast beautifully lit white space decorated in pink. Ventilators, sofas, leather chairs, a counter with its green round stools and the waitresses walking around with an attitude.


With a light music playing in the background, egg frying behind her counter and cutlery click-clacking I was asked to choose any table I want. Ketchup, mustard, and napkins, photos of milkshakes, leather benches... exactly like you see it in the movies.

On the menu is what American eat. Coffee and drinks, omelets, pancakes, eggs, waffles, wings and burgers, sandwiches, hot-dogs and pizzas without forgetting the fountain treats and sundaes.


After visiting Peggy Sue's diner, I was here at Mr. D's, an iconic must-stop on the route.

Fried potatoes, cut like hair and loaded with oil.. they're crunchy like chips. A delicious omelet topped with melted cheddar cheese and loaded with ham and cheese. Fluffy waffles are as good as they should be, correct and the marmalade on top adds the needed sweetness.


A large waffle topped with strawberries and their sauce and decorated with whipped cream, omelet web fried potatoes on the sides two poached eggs with the same potatoes and slices of bacon, three huge pancakes topped with blueberry and whipped cream, all served with toast and jams. Tender pancakes, airy on the inside, lightly chewy and topped with the blueberries in their sauce. A true taste if I may say.

Food is not exceptional but good enough for a touristic diner like this one. American taste, American flavors, American mood... an experience.






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