March 26, 2019 South Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Saj and Manakish Abou Hekmat, Hasbaya
Quick Eats

Down south, two hours from Beirut is a bakery, a special shop producing unique Markouk saj bread as well as a selection of innovative manakish. To start with, look at the dough which doesn't stick on her hands because of the oil which makes it what it is. During my visit to Hasbaya, I discovered two new kinds of Manakish, the potato saj, and olive oil saj.

The dough is soaked in oil giving it a totally different taste than the Saj bread you know. Baked/grilled on a flat metal surface, content doesn't slide away. I'm in love with Hasbaya's Labneh and the potato Manouche I never found anywhere else.


Check out the video for more details. Abou Hekmat and his daughter are waiting for your visit.

Suitable For: Quick Eats


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