June 30, 2013

Nightlife is Becoming Anti-Social: The Solution

A Brazilian bar has solved the problem of anti-social customers who stare at their mobile phones all evening – with a beer glass that only stands upright when balanced on a mobile.

The Offline Glass has been specially designed with a section of its thickened base cut out so that it must be supported by a phone.

Created by the advertising agency Fischer & Friends, it was unveiled by Salve Jorge bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil's biggest city to help drinkers put down their mobiles when socialising.
Flavius Cinira, one of the owners of the bar, said: "The spirit of Salve Jorge is to bring together friends and everyday warriors, as we used to say, in a happy environment around good food and cold beer."
Wanderley Romano, co-owner, added: "The Offline Glass embodies this exactly. It is an invitation for people to come here, after the daily battle, turn off the online world, chat with friends and live in the reality around them, at least for a few hours."
The creation promises to "rescue people from the online world" and encourage them to speak face to face instead of being hooked on their smart phones.
The glass, which is cut for a traditional Brazilian chopp – a glass of draft beer, which is smaller than a pint – was produced for Salve Jorge bar and was made to fit various different types of mobile phones. Those behind the glass claim its shape and size prevent condensation from running down the side of the glass and damaging the phone. The promotional video for the Offline Glass starts: "Isn't it boring to be at a table in a bar with someone who just plays with their mobile? We resolved this problem."
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