July 22, 2021

NoGarlicNoOnions at Little Reed: Lunch for a Cause - L’Ecoute NGO

We hear it often, “those who are happiest are those who do the most for others” and “happiness is attained not from what we get but from what we give”. In Lebanon, many a cause has been established over the years to help the disadvantaged and those struggling as the economic challenges the country faces escalate. “Cooking for a Cause” is a coming together of three well-known names in Lebanon who have long been dedicated to giving and to raising awareness on important issues – Little Reed farmhouse, NoGarlicNoOnions food vlog and L’Ecoute NGO.    

“Cooking for a Cause” is an opportunity to support the work of NGO L’Ecoute, whose purpose is to attend to the needs of the disabled and disadvantaged, promote their social and workplace integration and in parallel, promote ecological balance as part of this overall mission. All funds from the event will go to support the important work of L’Ecoute. “Cooking for a Cause” will also be an opportunity to meet some of the terrific people doing great things in Lebanon to promote environmental awareness and sustainability, to advocate for a better tomorrow and to support communities across the country in various ways.

“Cooking for a Cause” will take place in the kitchen of Little Reed farmhouse in Qsaibe village, 10km from Mansourieh. Little Reed delivers a traditional grandfather’s house village experience through interaction with nature, farm animals and organic food from the earth in a rustic, relaxed setting where positive vibes and happiness are aplenty.

ngno little reed

In the Little Reed kitchen, cooking up a storm on the day, will be members of the much-loved NonGarlicNoOnions family led by the popular home cook and social media influencer Nell Rahayel (@nellcooks). Nell will be accompanied by Mido Kawtharani, the man behind Mido’s - Saida’s favorite sandwiches. And the Zaidan brothers from Jbeil, Chef Mazen Zaidan and brother Firas Zaidan who are an institution in Jbeil behind the popular Khandwich and Khan Jbeil brands.

We can’t forget the man behind NoGarlicNoOnions himself, the one and only Anthony Rahayel extraordinaire, and his NGNO team - photographer, cameraman, right-hand-man Kareem Kawtharani and Roy Antoun from Leave no Trace, Lebanon’s internal tourism one-stop-shop experts, Elias Sarkis from @TrendEventslb and many others.

This is gearing up to be an exciting and memorable event. We’re all encouraged to support it and support those behind it to enable their good work to continue into the future. It’s a chance to not only join in solidarity for a worthy cause but also to come together in the spirit of love and giving, to inspire and to be inspired, to spread hope and find hope, to help strengthen and to gain strength from one another as we work in solidarity to be the example of positive change.      

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something big and impactful. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample Nell’s fabulous cooking, showcasing some of the best produce and ingredients from Little Reed farmhouse. Be many.

For further details and to book call +961 76 007 300


(Little Reed and NoGarlicNoOnions support L’Ecoute NGO in a special event on Sunday 25 July 2021 – Cooking for a Cause

a piece by Houda Harb)

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