January 18, 2014

NoGarlicNoOnions: Best Blog by Time Out Beirut Readers

We asked you where you go for all things Lebanese and you furiously voted for the best blogs for local goings-on, food and events in Beirut. Our top three are not at all a shocker, they stand out as sentinels of local news. When it’s bastions of Beirut’s beating heart you’re looking for, these are the guys you turn to. But that’s not to say it was a clear race, Lebanon is a land awash with digital talent, writing expertise and, let’s face it, a lot going on, so bloggers seem two-a-penny sometimes. But which are the go-to guys for Beirutis?

1520639_10151874081302887_1560806941_n WINNER No Garlic, No Onions There’s little wonder that Lebanon’s premiere food blogger came out top of the pack; he’s as relentless as our very own food aficionado Dan Hilton in finding the very best cuisine going. While we don’t all have the time to jet about the world, it’s always nice to hear about the best burger in Paris or where to dine in Dubai sandwiched between the best of Lebanese food. He’s been tirelessly trying everything from chains to tip-top concept diners for a couple of years now and has got himself quite a following as THE food blog to follow.

2ND PLACE Gino's Blog There’s not much that escapes the notice of Gino, from new potholes in our treacherous streets to cutting insights into the top news stories, he covers it all. It feels exactly what blogs were invented to do – give voice to normal people who have interesting things to say and give a platform for quality writing. Gino consistently keeps the bar high when it comes to online journalism. He might have missed-out on the top spot but that doesn’t mean we don’t all check his site daily.

3RD PLACE Blog Baladi Keeping the pulse of the city; blog authors Chahe, Mark and Najib’s on-the-nail stories have sealed their place as one of the few truly authoritative sources on daily life in Lebanon. From the really important to the downright ridiculous they point it all out and for that, the people love them. Their satirical look at some heavy weight issues is one ofthe reasons so many people keep going back. Three cheers then, for team Baladi and their blog.


Time Out Beirut original Article Check out the list of all finalists

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