May 02, 2021

Noojoom Conference: A public Outreach Event on Astronomy

Noojoom is a public outreach event on Astronomy. It comprises 6 talks that will describe the life-cycle of stars in galaxies, from the time they are formed, how they evolve, how planets form around them, up to when they fade or explode.
This initiative is organized by a group of Lebanese astronomers who work in this field and is part of a large scientific internal conference. One of the main aims of Noojoom and the conference is to raise funds in order to help the education sector in Lebanon: buying books, school supplies (Qortasiye), and so on.
Noojoom will stretch from 3 to 10 of May and the talks will be delivered in different languages:
May 3, Sami Dib (talk in arabic) on how stars form:
May 4: Vardan Adibekyan (talk in armenian) on Other worlds and Suns in our Galaxy:
May 5: Ewine van Dishoeck (talk in english) on the origin of Water on Earth:
May 6: Jihane Moultaka (talk in french) on the wonders of galaxies and their populations of stars:
May 7: Rim Fares (talk in english) on the necessary conditions for Life around stars:
May 10: Charles Aouad (talk in english) on why massive stars have a short life but have a glorious death:
The conference is dedicated to the city of Beirut (Capital of Lebanon) and its inhabitants who have suffered greatly with the explosion that occurred on August 4, 2020. The explosion, coupled to a severe economic crisis along with the Covid-19 pandemic has left many families in extremely vulnerable situations. We would like to play a small part in helping heal the wounds of this enormous tragedy.

Organizing committee:

  • Sami Dib (NBI, main organizer) [web]

for any inquiry, please contact:

  • Charles Aouad (LJMU, Liverpool)

  • Doris Arzoumanian (LAM, Marseille)

  • George Helou (Caltech)

  • Jihane Moultaka (IRAP, Toulouse)

Scientific Rationale:

The structure of the interstellar medium, as well as the velocity and temperature distributions of the gas in different phases encodes important information about the many physical processes that operate and sometimes dominate on specific spatial scales. Maps and data cubes of the ISM and of molecular clouds obtained with the Herschel space telescope and the census of stellar clusters in nearby galaxies using the HST have enabled us to start connecting the scales at which gas is compressed and starts to form stars. Ongoing and future programs with ALMA, NOEMA, FAST and the JWST as well as significant advances in numerical simulations and data analysis will allow us to further refine our understanding of the connection between the structure of the ISM, star formation and global galactic properties. The main topics that will be discussed in this conference are:

  • Large scale instabilities in the ISM

  • Structure and characteristic scales in the diffuse gas

  • Spatial distribution of molecular clouds and young stellar clusters in galactic disks

  • Instabilities and fragmentation in molecular clouds

  • Structure and characteristic scales in the molecular phase

  • Stellar feedback - galactic scales and molecular cloud scales

  • Numerical simulations, structure identification, and classification algorithms

  • ALMA, FAST, SOFIA and Future instruments


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