August 17, 2012

OBI, Japan's Secret in the Heart of Beirut is now Open

Phone Number: +961 76 007599

Address: ABC Achrafieh, L3, Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 50-80 $

OBI: Sushi at ABC Achrafieh... (Restaurant Closed)

Japanese culture is based on nature, beauty and harmony – traits that are present in the country's art, gardens, ceremonies, décor, and most importantly its gastronomy. The elaborate Japanese cuisine goes to great lengths in order to maintain the delicate flavour of the ingredients, balances the taste of dishes with their appearance, overall environment, and superb mood. This holistic concept is what lies behind OBI, Beirut's most trendy upcoming Japanese restaurant which will open its flagship restaurant at ABC Achrafieh & ABC Dbayeh.
The term OBI in Japanese refers to the sash that graces almost a kimono, adding personality and unique character to every man and woman that wears this defining accessory. In an imaginative way, this vibrant array of sashes has been reborn inOBI's cuisine, unveiling:
  • Premium imported Asian ingredients.
  • A Japanese signature onto international platters favored by many.
  • Harmony and Zen philosophy translated through the décor.
A wide range of appetizers are offered with favorites like sushi, sashimi, and maki representing panoply of colors on a plate. The Kamikaze or Yellow tail Cilantro are a must pick, yet beyond these coveted specialties are several hot dishes that entice you to revisit the place often. This includes the Taco Tuna, Black Cod Miso and definitely the Pizza Tuna. Representing a new dimension in Asian gastronomy that will delight diners who possess a sophisticate palate is what OBI promises its customers. As the evening winds down the authentic green tea becomes a must, and an exciting dessert menu offers the ultimate finale to the meal. The Ginger Chocolate Cake, Yuzu Lime Meringue Tart, and Chestnut Cheesecake are only some of the delights that will offer a closure to a perfect meal at OBI.
When one enters OBI, he is embraced by the unique Asian design elements that incorporate nuances of Japanese heritage, bringing into play shades of turquoise and white that nonetheless reflects sophistication and glamour in their simplicity. The four seasons, which are highlighted in Japanese culture, are mirrored on the tables. The attention that has gone into procuring the perfect tableware and accessories is visible throughout the space. The right dose of lighting and well-chosen instrumental music adds a captivating tone to the evening and transforms it into a surreal experience. All this has been incorporated by on the best Far Eastern consultants.
This novel, outstanding experience in Japanese cuisine, based on sacred recipes, imported ingredients, soul-balancing design and elaborate yet delicate menu welcomes you soon to its venue therefore welcome to OBI.
ABC Achrafieh, L3, 76-007599
ABC Dbayeh, L4, 76-001544 
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