February 02, 2017 California USA Americas

Ocean View Hotel, Santa Monica
Non-smokers friendly

Ocean View Hotel is beautiful hotel located on Santa Monica's beach and known for its great location and superb view. Blue lights, a white classy finish and an in-house dedicated parking.


Enter the hotel lobby to find a water wall and a couple sofas welcome you. A welcoming receptionist, free Internet...

I headed up to my room and this is the first time I enjoy white lights in a room. It feels cozy and warm although the lights are white. A king size bed, carpet, television and working desk, a sofa and large bathroom and a soothing sea view. 

It was an enjoyable night despite the air conditioning unit that hits all cold and hot air directly on the bed. Yes cold/hot, half half all night long...

The only imperfection was the shower water pressure. It should be stronger.

I enjoyed the simplicity of this hotel and surely its perfect location.

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